offline Boing Legend  
Friday 11/10/2013, 14:11

Although at one stage it looked as if the contest might be cancelled because of the audience’s unruly behavior, one wrestler nonetheless managed to emerge with her allure and swimsuit in one piece. Congratulations, Miss DerbyQueen on your victory over Malicia, Madelone and Minerva! And thank you to everyone who took part in this event by voting for this lovely young lady.
Get Miss DerbyQueen in the shop’s packs now.

offline TC Iversitas Colossus The Club
Sunday 13/10/2013, 11:39

When did Miss Ming won? And where is the original card Ming? smiley

offline Steel X_HoA Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Sunday 13/10/2013, 17:30

@ Iversitas : Miss Ming and Miss Twice Cr are NOT results of the "Miss Clint City" contest.
The two were made long ago, and simply have the those names because that's how UR released them.

offline (Tiny-Glitch) Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 13/10/2013, 21:49

Ming was too op card, it got deleted the day it released and and replaced by miss ming

offline TGAP-Trixie Senior  
Monday 14/10/2013, 01:30


offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Monday 14/10/2013, 06:46

I do think UR tries to satisfy many players with this and revises parts that may be frowned upon. While Drake Tsui's(Quirkilicious) art was present in the form of La Cobra, Minerva, and Lady this year, his artwork didn't dominate in most card spots like last year. His art took 5 or 6 of the 8 finalists that year and people were greatly upset. This year I think he did a lot more males.

That in mind, let's hope that UR doesn't make a card whos only clothing is a string of dental floss...

offline JR_Ledeir Imperator The Trend
Monday 14/10/2013, 22:09

Is there a listing of how many votes each card got somewhere?
I will admit to being disappointed, but at the same time, she is the one I expected to win.

offline James Chape Titan Masters of Battle
Tuesday 15/10/2013, 01:56

Damn it....this year's competition was definetly the worst. Just look at the winner,she's a complete cheater. I wonder why this happens because...
Miss Chloe-2007: Won without showing a big attractive part of her body,and the original card itself doesn't suck (at least for her time)

Miss Jessie-2010: Same thing

Miss Lizbeth- 2012: Same thing

Miss Stella-2011: Same thing

Miss Lulabee-2007: Same thing

Miss DerbyQueen-2013: Her original card is not so good,and people voted her because of her nonhuman sized butt. It seems like this year,people are starting to lose their clever brains,probably because now UR is a popular game and many people might don't care about the game itself,just about the artwork with a lot of dumb content just to let them be satisfied.

Overall,what I'm trying to say here is that next time,miss competitions has to have fair competition,like it did in the other years,and if something like this happens again,then UR should not let people vote or then just end with this kind of competition.

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Tuesday 15/10/2013, 04:39

The original Derby Queen is a reprisal 7/5 2* in an Attack clan. What do you mean that isn't good?

And maybe you should look at what Lulabee (original) and Miss Stella is wearing before being so spiteful to DQ. I'll give you a hint, not clothes.

offline tgh02 Titan Open Casket
Tuesday 15/10/2013, 04:47

I agree with -_War-Boy_-

Previous cards like Miss Stella were useful, or identical ie. Miss Chloe, or in the case of Miss Lizbeth it was a chance for new/poor players to own a playable card for 1/10th the cost of its original card.

This year my choice was Miss Lady because useful Uppers are expensive and DRs are even harder to come by. Imagine owning a Miss Lady DR fork for 2K Clintz. Now use it for Coliseum smiley

Miss DerbyQueen isn't horrible but I believe most players are bored of Huracan.

offline James Chape Titan Masters of Battle
Tuesday 15/10/2013, 15:44


There's a difference with the beauty about Lulabee and Miss Stella together with Derby Queen.

Lulabee,like Miss Stella,might not really use many clothes,but at least their body parts has sizes of a normal women. Very fair
(but the beauty that I really care for is the clothes,that's why I voted for Madelone to win in the 2nd round)

Derby Queen,instead,has a body part (dont need to say which one) that seems to be edited in photoshop and used in max size possible. Not fair at all. And I don't think she's good because that's my opinion,she doesn't have the gameplay style I like.
And her miss version is even worse. Overall,worst miss cometition ever made.

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