offline Saga Admin Traders of Divinity
Thursday 17/10/2013, 15:11

The Coliseum: Restricted Area is coming from friday october 18 at 2PM CET (8am EST) to monday october 21 at 10AM CET (4am EST).
Format: A lot of forbidden characters and a 24 stars deck (12 pillz / 12 life points)

40 matches to play to win one of the numerous Collector cards and clintz in play.

All details available on the Coliseum page.

Good luck!

edited by Saga thursday 17/10/2013, 15:11

offline JO3SHMO Imperator Wise Men Distracted
Friday 18/10/2013, 06:11

"Your Deck cannot contain characters banned by staff in the ELO mode."

This restriction is for staff bans, not player bans decided through the format election.

offline sonic_evo Titan Oaksterdam University
Friday 18/10/2013, 09:19

How do you join

available DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Friday 18/10/2013, 09:20

There are staff bans (the lower list) and the cards you CAN use (the uppers selection).

offline sbhtkua Senior  
Sunday 20/10/2013, 14:26

זה מישחק אחלהsmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

offline joseph_27 Imperator DL's Knights
Monday 21/10/2013, 13:00

Did anyone got their prizes? smileysmiley

offline tgh02 Titan Open Casket
Monday 21/10/2013, 15:39

@ joseph_27, prizes were handed out this morning a few hours after Coliseum closed
It was difficult to figure out because UR also reimbursed all DT winnings earned during the weekend

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