Saturday 19/10/2013, 11:19

Hi, is there anybody who has the same problem?

Since yesterday I have played like 3 or 4 tournaments and untill now I havent got any rewards whatsoever. Not even the messages from kate that say that I took part in DT.

Can this be solved anyhow please?

Saturday 19/10/2013, 11:58

Have you turned on Kate messages?

Saturday 19/10/2013, 12:29

Same problem today.

Saturday 19/10/2013, 13:51

Yes dont worry, even if I hadnt I would have recieved at least credits and the clintz. But I count it so I know its missing.

This issue happend a year ago twice but it was somehow solved and I got few messages from kate+rewards after 24-48 hour delay at once. But even at this point still nothing so I just hope some admins or managers will read this post. smiley

Saturday 19/10/2013, 16:01

Same for me. most rewards are not coming in.

Saturday 19/10/2013, 17:35

Thanks for some of your replies, at least we know we are not alone with this issue and hopefully it will be solved soon.

Saturday 19/10/2013, 17:38

There's a DT glitch in UR at the moment, players not receiving their earnings. Please message customer support rather than any staff member (we have no tools to help you). They might refund you.

Saturday 19/10/2013, 17:51

Where my credits?

Sunday 20/10/2013, 05:29

No credits from tournaments and no clintz from market sales. Sh1t is f*cked up.

Sunday 20/10/2013, 05:31

The same problem. Contacted to support.


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