offline wR3DRUMw Imperator Limit Break
Friday 25/10/2013, 19:07

So here's something new for you to ignore, like, hate, comment, or fall asleep at your keyboard to.


or in case i got it wrong the first time.. it has been a while smiley

offline DUC-San Titan  
Friday 25/10/2013, 19:18

Don to Edd Cr
Ivy to Desmond
Stalfhaust to Arkn/Mok or Hriger to Leviatonn

offline RobFord_ Hero  
Saturday 26/10/2013, 01:49


offline _Guedes_ Hero  
Saturday 26/10/2013, 17:33

I thought this topic would be more interesting...

offline Spikey 13 Guru Comfort In Sound
Saturday 26/10/2013, 21:39

I agree R3DRUM, but I think this can be explained because only about 450 people play elo at any time of the day smiley

offline wR3DRUMw Imperator Limit Break
Saturday 26/10/2013, 21:48

Well I was more or less messing around and posted a mediocre deck that got me 1300. None the less people don't talk about elo enough. Real strats deck ideas or anything. Elo is by far the most challenging format mainly BC 1400 feels impossible. Just once id like a 1400 point player to give better advice than.... 50/50 for the win . Or don't play old. So I guess this is what I initially should of posted then my less than sweet deck.

offline 412rayray Titan D-Versified
Saturday 26/10/2013, 21:57

Lol, yeah I'd love for a 1400+ player to break down their thought process n deck theories too.

offline Lu Bu Imperator Limit Break
Sunday 27/10/2013, 00:09

I get more 50/50's in ELO than I do in T2 smiley

offline _Guedes_ Hero  
Sunday 27/10/2013, 02:02

From my personal experience, what really separates 1300 and 1400 player is more skill than deck composition.

With a solid deck you can easily reach 1300 even playing for shit. Above that, you will need the skills to win.

I feel i could reach a top 100 spot if i were more dedicated to this game. Like past week i reached 1300 around Wednesday, which is pretty good (i was top 50 i guess, dont remember), but than, i couldn't play anymore for the week.

Thing is, you need a solid deck and be a good player to reach that 1400 elo. It takes just a win strike to make it from 1300 to 1400, i dont think it is that hard with a good deck, a good player and a little bit of luck.

offline _Guedes_ Hero  
Sunday 27/10/2013, 02:05

And 50/50 thing frequently just happens because unexperienced elo players for some dumb reason like to put all pills or none.

Frequently, when i reach the 1300 mark the 50/50 situation get way more rares!

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