offline wR3DRUMw Titan Limit Break
Friday 25/10/2013, 19:07

So here's something new for you to ignore, like, hate, comment, or fall asleep at your keyboard to.


or in case i got it wrong the first time.. it has been a while smiley

offline IM_Nem8 Titan Immortality
Tuesday 29/10/2013, 16:31

I've been passed 1400 a couple times in my career, and it probably would be more if I wasn't in college right now lol

But getting to the topic, I see that once you get passed 1300, you have to stick to the deck you know all of your weaknesses, and how to minimize and maintain them. A certain level of luck comes into play (in terms of your star count vs your opponent's star count), but for the most part any hand should be able to defend and at least force a tie. Just don't always go for the obvious moves; if you have a big hitter and he has DR soa and sob present, it's probably best to just take the dr and use the least amount of resources.

In terms of deck ideas, there's too many different ways to go about this. My first time ever making 1400 was with True Ninja Cats , I wanted to have two 5* and I just got tsubame. But now with so many bans, and different clan types, I've gotten there with just three solid 4* and mono decks (sentinel, rescue, and jungo). I don't think deck construction has anything to do with getting up the ranks, like it's previously been said, it really just comes down to skill at these levels of play. You have to have good judgment, and knowledge of the clan(s) you're up against. Also, pay attention to the player (national origin and level), you might run into him again

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