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Wednesday 30/10/2013, 09:51

They are back in clint city ! Footballers , Defender, Midfielder and attackers , they are all there, from the four major championships ( France , Italy, England , Spain), they are all there in order to triumph in Clint city ! Who will win the second edition of this vent is for football fans !

You must choose a player before register me stating his position , which will influence the size of your deck against other players from the vent.

The vent will be held as follows :

- There will be 128 players (40 backgrounds , 40 forwards , 40 defenders , and 8 have a choice at the end , but there must be at least 40 players at each position ) .
- The entrance fee is 500 clintz order to make it accessible to all the vent .

- There will be three intermediate events ( one for the defenders , one for media and one for attackers ) , and the best in each position will advance to the main vent to claim the title of best player !
- The formats vary in each phase , there will be several phases in the intermediate vents, and phases in the main event , so it will have a fairly substantial collection (minimum guru) .

At intermediate - events, players will encounter Only hosts players who are in the same position as them , then you can face a different position player .

Formats will be revealed once we have all the members , so that the clans allowed not influence your choice
The fights will be in 3 winning sets in the group stage , then five winning matches when you do not have an opponent to face
Be sure to spend about 1 and a half months before the event register !

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Clint City, night.