Sunday 03/11/2013, 22:12

Hey smiley
I'm willing to sell a couple of CRs. I'm looking for cash only, no trades.

They are:

Jackie Cr
Vickie Cr
Tanaereva Cr
Kerozinn Cr
Alec Cr
Marco Cr
Caelus Cr
Tessa Cr 0xp

I value them all at the minimum market price smiley

Thanks smiley

Sunday 03/11/2013, 23:55

Marco Cr is gone
No idiotic offers please >.

Monday 04/11/2013, 00:26

Kerozinn Cr gone.
I still have Jackie, Vickie, the Tan Man, Alec, Caelus and Tessa 0xp (800k)
New price: I'm willing to sell all full xp cards 5k cheaper than the market price.

Monday 04/11/2013, 00:35

Caelus Cr is gone.
Jackie, Vickie, Tan Man, Alec and Tessa 0xp left.

Monday 04/11/2013, 01:00

Jackie Cr is gone.
Vickie, Tan Man, Alec and Tessa 0xp left smiley

Monday 04/11/2013, 15:18

Tan Man gone. Tessa Cr 0xp (772k), Alec Cr (155k) and Vickie Cr(530k) left.

Monday 04/11/2013, 17:02

Alec Cr is gone.
Tessa (770k) and Vickie (525k) left .

Monday 04/11/2013, 20:42

Vickie Cr is gone.
Tessa Cr 0 xp (770k) left.

Monday 04/11/2013, 23:43

E still have that Tessa =)
Price is negotiable smiley


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