offline Espectroscuro Colossus Le p0tager
Monday 04/11/2013, 15:55

Hi everyone,

We’ve closed our ELO survey and carefully considered players’ feedback.
First of all, many thanks to the thousands of players who took part in the survey, which was about 8,000 of you. It has given us a far better overall understanding of your current views on the ELO mode.

This is what stood out and what we plan to put in place:

Those surveyed were on the whole satisfied with how ELO currently works, which is why we are only going to introduce slight modifications so as not to spoil the mode as it stands.

In order to better control the development of ELO, we are going to introduce specific dates for staff bans and marginally reduce the period of time between these bans. We will start off having bans/unbans every four months (i.e. trimestrally) which will take place as follows:

In order to take account of players’ opinions before making a decision, we will carry out a survey in which you can vote for a list of cards that we have selected to be banned and unbanned.

Following the survey, we will draw up a list of provisional cards that will then be published on the forum and debated over for a week, as we did with the previous wave of bans/unbans.

Although you were not entirely happy with the players’ voting system in this mode, you felt it was necessary so you could express your views in a more direct way which would have a tangible effect. For the time being, therefore, we will not make any changes to this area as the number of votes and the percentages required for a card to be banned is an issue of much debate among players, irrespective of their level or seniority in the game. However, several of you did stress that the voting system was not visible enough. We are therefore going to improve its visibility by means of the weekly ELO message in which Kate will invite players to come and vote.

If there are incidents of cards becoming too strong for the mode, we will carry out unscheduled staff bans. However, this will be reserved for exceptional circumstances.

To conclude, we would like to draw your attention to two additional points raised by players:

Winnings in the game mode: We received several comments concerning winnings. We are going to think about how to balance out the winnings between the different modes.

With particular regards to the Huracan clan: in the next few months there will be very few new Huracan releases. The next wave of ELO bans should be able to reduce their dominance in ELO mode. If, however, this continues to be a problem, we will then look into alternative solutions to resolve this issue.

offline (Tiny-Glitch) Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Monday 04/11/2013, 16:10


offline Wakshaani Legend  
Monday 04/11/2013, 16:13

Re: the playerbase voting, it should be noted that there's always a fraction, sometimes a large one, who wants to keep a powerful card that they own in the mix, rather than doing what's best for the game and asking for the obviously-overpowered to be pulled back to ensure fair play. I'm curious if it woul dbe possible for Urban RIvals Staff to find a handful of cards that they consider 'Baseline', against which to judge other cards more failry? There are cards which people decry as 'overpowered', such as Spyke, or underpowered, like Ogoun Kyu, but the majority are "just right" and never called out as such.
For instance, Mark from the Rescue clan, Karnov of the Freaks, or Thomy from Sentinels.
If you could choose a character from each clan, or a couple of generic "This is what we want to see" samples, it'd make debate much more constructive in the future. I'd be ever so grateful.

offline Vendetta Senior  
Monday 04/11/2013, 16:20

big respect))))

offline Arsenal 6 LoA Colossus Legends of America
Monday 04/11/2013, 16:22

Great work by UR!! A well conducted survey looks like it will produce slight tweaks to make ELO even better!!! Thanks for your professionalism with this process.

offline D-TheCapt Guru  
Monday 04/11/2013, 16:26

Wakshaani, I like this idea. I am sure they have had some sort of baseline though. Just not a publicly released one. And if not it is kind of understandable. To try and figure out what cards could be considered OP on a official scale in a game with tons of cards, having so many different abilities and bonuses would be extremely hard to do. Especially with new cards being released all of the time. The baseline would eventually shift up or down any time a new card is released.

offline Hashi-da-Bear Imperator BrainZtorm
Monday 04/11/2013, 17:16

Glad to hear there will be very little changed. It is a fair system with the only problem being over powered new cards. Glad to see that is what is going to be addressed.


offline Zero-Alucard Titan URBAN MADNESS
Monday 04/11/2013, 17:53

Very few releases for Huracan isn't a good thing either. As it stands most clans are going to get their 50th, nearly twice the amount of Frozn and Huracan . Berzerk and Vortex also have few cards as it is. In my opinion due to the increasing amount of clans in UR the amount of cards per new release every second week should go up to 5. Or introduce more evrnt cards or new batch of Ld's. It doesn't make sense for there being only 4 new cards biweekly when there is sn increasing amount of clans.

offline juggernaut_mp Titan  
Monday 04/11/2013, 17:58

This is the perfect way to improve ur, great development ur staffsmiley looking forward to playing elo smiley

offline Icarus Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Monday 04/11/2013, 18:31

I believe an immediate ban like you said here is needed in the case of huracan. Most votes are always cast on el gascaro el divino kinichaw yet they still are very stable as a clan. Pretty waste of votes imo, I don't even cast my votes on them anymore but instead help a certain card go to 5.00%
There are underused huracan cards anyway (lumber jack la cobra tabasco fire el matador el mercurio) that will substitute these cards.

Just remember pussycats, yayoi and muze are now banned but diana and clover/jayzel took their place. It's going to be okay for huracan even if they receive bans now.

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