offline 412rayray Titan D-Versified
Tuesday 05/11/2013, 06:00

What cards r must haves for this amount of clintz?

offline 412rayray Titan D-Versified
Tuesday 05/11/2013, 08:48

I'm leaning toward :

Clover (PC)
Diana (PC)

But I want everyone's "must haves" for around 8,000 clintz.

offline EAClintFighter Guru Elysium Aether
Tuesday 05/11/2013, 08:54

Isn't Saki around that price range?

offline Houhox Imperator  
Tuesday 05/11/2013, 09:21

Elvis, Lola, Stompah, El Matador, Qubik, Arnie, Oshitsune, Petra... Grudj if they unban him.

offline JO3SHMO Imperator Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 05/11/2013, 09:23

HoAzeem put this list together for another thread a few weeks back... I found it for you.

All Stars - Marina Saki Jessie Karen/Randy
Bangers - Blaaster Cr Graff Doug Snop Vermyn N Randal
Bezerk - Graven Elvis Lola Melanie Roger
Fang Pi Clang - Futoshi Ld Kerozinn Cr Kusuri Dao Shifou Zhu Tang Fei Kamekun
Freaks - Olga Bogdan Shazam Bertha/Esmerelda Hindelga Splata Cr
Frozn - Windzy Stompah Annuqa Tiwi Ld Sah Brihnak Haaken Rad
Ghiest - XU52/Wardom Leviatonn Z3r0 D34d Arkn Methane Hriger Stalfhaust
Huracan - Derby Queen Zapatino Magistrado Ld El Matador El Gascaro El Divino Kinichaw
Jungo - Ongh Moguera Jean Pegh Rodney Radek
Junkz - Fuzz Qubik Tremorh Romana Flanagan
La Junta - Thormund Raven Bryan Arnie Milena Sabia
Montana - Angelo Desmond Edd Cr Spiaghi Waller
Nightmare - Oshitsune Pan Edwin Crowen Artus Phylis Glorg
Piranas - Hawkins Amiral Coco Lizbeth Raeth Ector Tyd
Pussycats - Diana Malicia Lucy Nabrissa Jayzel Clover
Rescue - Buckler Sledg Cliff Sue Anita Campbell Kerry
Roots - Rico Yookie Tuck Flora Willow
Sakhrom - Uranus Petra Jautya Murray Aleister Virginia
Sentinel - Carmen Morgan Melvin Jackson Havok Martha
Skeelz - Sasha Plunk Dr Falkenstein Chiara Cr Kephren Michael
Ulu Watu - Numar Noland Eddie Nanook Eugene Daddy Jones Fanny Dave
Uppers - Herman Kazayan Nellie Rubie Oxen Wendel Jose Star
Vortex - Dagg X-0DUS T Gaank Cyb Lhia C Wing Deea

I made a couple very minor edits. It might not be perfect, but its a good reference point to start.

offline JO3SHMO Imperator Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 05/11/2013, 09:24

I obviously didn't edit the name typo's. smiley You can get the point though, hehe.

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 05/11/2013, 15:06

Are we talking single/few cards in that range or an entire deck?

offline 412rayray Titan D-Versified
Tuesday 05/11/2013, 16:03

Thx jo3, thoazol I was thinking single card.

offline DUC-San Titan  
Tuesday 05/11/2013, 16:45

Saki, Elvis, Lola, Graven, Hindelga, Sah Brinak, Stompah, Rad, Z3r0 D34d, Methane, El Matador, Qubik, Fuzz, Bryan, Oshi, Glorg, Hawkins, Raeth, Amiral Coco, Diana, Lucy, Clover, Sledg, Cliff, Campbell, Steve, Petra, Virginia, Jakson, Havok, Daddy Jones, Herman, Nellie, Maurice and T Gaank
are staples and cost between 6k and 8k

I think Herman, Saki, Elvis, Hindelga, Qubik, Oshi, Hawkins, Clover, Campbell and T Gaank are the most important for their clan. If you want to make a nice elo deck: they are great cards for 8k

offline Azeem- Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Tuesday 05/11/2013, 19:12

Surprised you found my list lol smiley Thanks Josh!
412 it depends on your deck, you seem to be changing your mind so often on a deck!

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