offline wR3DRUMw Imperator Limit Break
Tuesday 05/11/2013, 19:07

I know im going to receive flak or no answer but im looking to see whats good in this weeks meta. I know everyone has them pegged as OP or noobish but TBH im honestly terrible with them and im interested in giving them a try. This is the deck im trying now.. id_deleted any help would be appreciated

offline _Guedes_ Hero  
Tuesday 05/11/2013, 22:56

Try them with frozn.

offline Space Churros Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 06/11/2013, 02:23

I use them with Fang Pi Clang
The only thing I need here is a SoA

or with Roots, They pretty much have a lot of good life gain cards like treeman and craho plus you can use cards like Rico, Tuck, Flora or Yookie for the half deck IMO

I like you Deck BTW, but I would change Gatuchica for another 2* maybe Zapatino or even Mister Pollo since I seen a lot of SoA clan or that's just my luck being smiley...

offline 412rayray Titan D-Versified
Wednesday 06/11/2013, 04:30

I have a version of this deck that was unstoppable a few weeks ago. I remember it being:

Mister Pollo
Magistrado Ld
Gascaro (when legal) or Mercurio
La Cobra

Eddie (when legal) or Noland

offline 412rayray Titan D-Versified
Wednesday 06/11/2013, 04:31

Nope was Wonder Lana not Cobra. Sorry

offline DaLonz Imperator  
Wednesday 06/11/2013, 06:13

I'm pretty new to the current meta, but at a glance, nightmare, especially this week seems like it would be pretty nasty.

When Oshitsune is banned, run both Cutey and Pan. Huracan gains a star and Magistrado Ld changes to Tabasco Fire.

Magistrado Ld
Wonder Lana
El Matador
Derby Queen

Cutey or Pan
Kenny Cr

Only thing I don't like about this deck is that having both Artus and Magistrado Ld seems like over kill. Artus is a staple, so hes a given in half decks, but there just aren't many options for 3 star Huracan.

On a side note, its probably a bad week to run Huracan. A lot of mono Parana and half decks running around because of Lizbeth being unbanned.

offline _Guedes_ Hero  
Wednesday 06/11/2013, 14:20

Be creative, + life works only in theory, people arent dumb you know, this combo can be easily countered or will be a 50/50 a lot of times.

Your bonus is already strong, you dont have to make him stronger, you have to protect it! Its almost a 50/50 every battle since your opponent can just bluff first round or pill tha shitt out and make you loose the first round and, probably, the game since you dont have much more pills left and your bonus will be weaker. And im not even talking about soa/sob or even a simple hard dr who completely break the combo and since you dont have defensive cards either you are pretty much screwed.

Huracan biggest flaw is that they only have offensive cards. Their only defensive card is an 3* conditioned DR.

I would play them with frozn, you will have much more safety to play a huracan card in first round (with few pills) with the frozn bonus to back you up if you loose, but they might work well with skeelz (chiara is revenge and they have good drs on kephren and redra, plunk has good synergy with that bonus too), montana, pussycats and uppers can be a good choice either.

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