Friday 08/11/2013, 11:30

With Halloween long gone, Clint City is experiencing a strange shortage of candy. There’s not a gummy bear in sight! But you needn’t look too far to find out why. Given the trail of sugar leading straight from the factory to the Nightmare manor, it comes as no surprise that Dudley Ld is back in town!
Dudley Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before January 12th at 11.59pm (GMT + 1:00).

Friday 08/11/2013, 19:04

Win rounds with Kcube? An Uncommon? Not cool, UR...smiley

Friday 08/11/2013, 23:13

Well,at least K Cube's natural price is quite low,so it doesn't hurt much

Saturday 09/11/2013, 10:13

It be great if there could one day bring out new lds for the clans... So there is 2 per clan hehe

Saturday 09/11/2013, 13:49

Really natural price low ??? Way to screw us over ..espeically since the card is in low supply as is now the prices are unnaturally high

Saturday 09/11/2013, 13:50

Hmm comments not showing up wonder why

Saturday 09/11/2013, 21:20

I think natural 500 ctz is quite cheap for a rare...i saw a lot more common cards being more expensive than this

Sunday 10/11/2013, 14:18

Who wants to battle.

Monday 11/11/2013, 08:08

Its not about the card being uncommon. It is that the card is not common hence low on supply. In turn it means that the card can be easily hoarded and the price shoots up faster.

The card is useless by itself so no one wanted it ( thus it was low in past)

Kapish !!! ?

Monday 11/11/2013, 15:50

I call this week
Dead to the Frozn week!!!!

Monday 11/11/2013, 20:52

@ Leothorn : I don't even know where to start ... you say low supply, yet there are 170 copies of him on sale (at the moment of typing), plus many, many others in people's collections. I mean, come on ... a vast mass of people have already had at least 1 K Cube in their collection, he was a mere 300 clintz or so. Now, he's up to 1.7k (again, at the moment of typing), which is a big increase in terms of percentage, but not anything outrageous in terms of actual clintz ... I mean, if one's truly desperate and can't wait for the card to drop, gathering that kind of money is a piece of cake (through regular play or selling, etc.). And if that doesn't work, there's always the option of asking someone to lend the card in question to you for until you complete the mission. You know, that's what friends are for smiley (well, not exclusively, but you get my point). Lastly, as said, they're gonna drop again later anyway (except for Gheistling and Igniss who somehow managed to stay afloat at 800-ish clintz ... but those are isolated cases). As long as they don't repeat what was really a bad move (AKA giving Ghumbo, Oshitsune, Blaaster Cr missions, which meant enormous price spikes ... like they did when the concept of LD was still very fresh), I don't see where the problem is. Yeah, it was indeed weird to see an uncommon get the mission. Yeah, it's easier to get commons, but it's just pointless to complain when talking about a card that has almost never seen a price of 500 clintz or more.


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