Sunday 17/11/2013, 14:40

Looking for people to join a newly formed guild. No level restrictions, however you must be an active player.
I would like a guild of fun outgoing players who want to chat and share ideas to make everyone better.
In order to communicate easily all members must speak English.
Once it gets up and running I have some good event ideas and am open to any ideas from any members.
Hope to see you guys soon!

edited by -Wicer- sunday 17/11/2013, 14:40

Sunday 17/11/2013, 12:05

I have to say your a great guy and was great at my guild.
I praise you for creating your own guild so I wish you the best of luck

Sunday 17/11/2013, 12:09

Thank you Jayke. Hopefully I can get this guild going as well as Lou was.

Monday 18/11/2013, 20:50

Got a few members now, but looking for more. I have some good ideas for events and tournaments but we need more people to make them worthwhile. So if you are interested, the link is in the header.

Monday 18/11/2013, 23:20

Scared of the dark.

Also, I'm guessing girls can't join?

Monday 18/11/2013, 23:24

Neither of those are true. I have no clue how you even came up with the first part.

Wednesday 20/11/2013, 11:25

I will try and bring Lou players into your guild

Friday 22/11/2013, 17:27

C'mon gang join this guild!!?
He's a great guy!

Saturday 23/11/2013, 22:22

I've removed the comments relating to the player advertising his guild in this thread. This thread should be recruiting players solely the guild mentioned in the first post: .

As always, good luck with your guild MrAeiro smiley

Saturday 23/11/2013, 22:45

Wicer for president



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