Sunday 17/11/2013, 20:08

I'm trading General Cr 0xp which I value at 7.8M

As counterpart, I'm looking for :

Kalindra Cr 0xp (100K/each, 20 max)
Caelus Cr 0xp (130K/each, 20 max)
Jackie Cr 0xp (160K/each)
Tanaereva Cr 0xp (260K/each)
Sigmund Cr full ou 0xp (430/440K, only 1)
Splata Cr full ou 0xp (640/650K, only 1)
Lao Cr full ou 0xp (730/740K, only 1)
Marlysa Cr full ou 0xp (1M250/1M300, only 1)

- You can propose other Cr but it will not be sure that I'm interrested in...
- Only Cr 0xp, common cards lots do not interest me
- No Big 5

The trade will be performed by secure exchange ...

Monday 18/11/2013, 06:57

Still available ...

Wednesday 20/11/2013, 00:16

5 Lamar Cr
1 Marlysa Cr
1 Kerozinn Cr
1 Elya Cr
1 Jackie Cr
1 Caelus Cr
1 Lao Cr

for exstimation , please.

Wednesday 20/11/2013, 05:54

What is the xp of these ones ?

Wednesday 20/11/2013, 09:36

All full =S

Wednesday 20/11/2013, 09:38

Ok ...

I will just accept the Marlusa Cr and the Lao Cr for a combined value at 1M980 ... Anything to complete ?

Wednesday 20/11/2013, 10:57

No sorry they are all playable cr i could complete my offer if necessary but if you don't take those card it's okay, no problem smiley
good luck in your research


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