offline Airikan1 Veteran  
Sunday 24/11/2013, 22:32

Alright, I've decide to try my luck with this in elo

So I heard you like DRs

and jsut in case I failed in linking it through that, here's the URL link:

Anyway, yea. I know Bangers aren't exactly a top clan to use in ELO at pretty much any time but I'd like to see if I can play around with them. Suggestions for card changes and the like are welcome and recommended. The one thing that I can already see myself having problems with are attack manipulation, seeing a I lack any myself. However, I/m hoping the dr's can limit how useful those will be against me, plus I genrally maintain high power across this entire deck excpet for Redra.

I wouldn't say my budget is particulary big though, so I'm not going to be able to buy Cr's like Blaaster or anything like that. I can probobly sell some stuff to make around 12-20k max right now. With that in mind, go ahead and criticize this as much as you want. Thanks for all constructive replies. For you trolls out there, I'm just going to ignore whatever crap you say so don't even try.

offline Space Churros Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Monday 25/11/2013, 01:09

Manfred > Kephren
since this deck like DR, plus IDK I don't really like Manfred cause of Confidence...

Lorna > Chiara Cr
with all the DR in the deck her Revenge will be easy to use.. I think..

offline Airikan1 Veteran  
Monday 25/11/2013, 02:17

Ahh yes Kephren. I'd be inclined to agree with you there, however, I see a courage based DR as very situational DR, mostly because your opponent can easily counter you with a low damage card or a card with a great ability when you play him first. Manfred I chose since he can make a pretty big life gap, and with Dr's on hand, than can be enough to win you the game. It's not like I soley have to use my Dr's for defense too. Hell, I'd say that expectancy is what'll allow me to get in a win for Manfred's confidence to kick in.

And Lorna plus Tomas are my responses to Attack manipulation bonuses. I would include Chiara, but I feel like I'd be very suceptible to those types of decks only reling on Tomas, which may or may not appear.

offline Airikan1 Veteran  
Monday 25/11/2013, 05:46

Hmm, now that I think about it more, Greem might be a better option over manfred whenever she's unbanned for elo. The Poison can similarly open the life gap, and it really hurt the currently popular Huracan clan. Plus, can let me deal with other life gainers/dr's like Jungo and Pussycats, which are also pretty popular. Yea, think I'll stick with Greem over Manfred when she's open to elo.

offline Airikan1 Veteran  
Monday 25/11/2013, 05:51

Bah. nvm about that last comment. Checked and Greem's permabanned. Ohh well. Guess it's for good reason.

offline 0 Atlas Veteran  
Monday 25/11/2013, 18:38

On your level i would just try to copy popular decks and figure out why did they choose it, i don't see much potential in this combo.

If you need something cheap, i thought of both, one was made and second one turned out very synergic
Cheap Roots&Nightmare smiley

These can get to 1300+

offline Airikan1 Veteran  
Monday 25/11/2013, 19:08

Well, the purpose for this wasn't getting a really high, competitive Elo. I know a banger/skeelz deck won't get very far past 1300ish elo. This is just for some fun. I really want to try out bangers in this format since they're my favorite clan next to Skeelz. Thanks for the suggestions though

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