Sunday 24/11/2013, 22:34

Seen me a coupla wins. Depends on speedy battles more than victories though... Green face? smiley

21:16 Deathmatch you crushed CiscoAlmaLoco, La No Guild (12-0): 351 points
21:14 Deathmatch you beat -Madn3s-, E X C A L I B U R (7-0): 296 points
21:12 Deathmatch you were annihilated by -Madn3s-, E X C A L I B U R (0-12): 216 points
21:11 Deathmatch you lost against -TS-Fa6s, Tequila Sunrise- UR (0-4): 184 points
21:08 Deathmatch you lost against -TS-Fa6s, Tequila Sunrise- UR (0-7): 158 points
21:04 Deathmatch you were annihilated by -TS-Fa6s, Tequila Sunrise- UR (0-11): 135 points
21:01 Deathmatch you crushed -TS-Fa6s, Tequila Sunrise- UR (12-1): 115 points
20:58 Deathmatch you crushed Wampiri, UR CLAN DE MEXICO (12-0): 60 points

Monday 25/11/2013, 17:40

Even 2-3 reprisal/confidence/revenge(/courage) cards in the same deck isn't optimal... much less 5. It means that you for sure won't have the benefit of all of their abilities.

Swap out Hugo too so you can play around with star counts while swapping out those conditional ability cards.

Tuesday 26/11/2013, 00:04

Noctezuma = best 5* Huracan even with Revenge
Magistrado Ld = best 3* Huracan even with Confidence
Derby Queen = best 2* Huracan even with Reprisal
Carmen and Valentina Ld = best 3* Sentinel options even with Reprisal and Revenge
You seriously suggesting I lose any of those? They simply cannot be beaten in each of their slots and Hugo or some other Leader is compulsory surely?
Still thanks for the criticism. What would you suggest otherwise?
120>0 in 1 day. Wow people are really split over this smiley Haters gonna hate

Tuesday 26/11/2013, 15:13

No need to get defensive. When the deck yields a 4-4 score in DM, it's just passable. Even the results themselves speak to room for improvement. That's why there are many downvotes along with the upvotes. It isn't "haters" but legitimate constructive criticism.

Why would a Leader be compulsary? You are building your deck too much around a luck based OP draw of Noctezuma + Hugo. Get rid of Hugo and the issue of which cards are the "best" in their star count slots won't be an issue because you can take on some 4*s with Hugo gone; giving you deck a higher chance of being consistently good regardless of which 4 you draw..

Tuesday 26/11/2013, 21:36

Okay, that is convincing smiley Guess you're right about 4-4, though I did keep facing Jackie Cr and General Cr in there... Still scraped a win though smiley


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