offline _GODVIRUS_ Legend  
Monday 25/11/2013, 22:08

I sell for 8M.

i only accept $
$ + Jackie Cr (full) + Tanaereva Cr (full)

anyone who is interested, send PM.

(i accept the best offer, case there are more)

offline -Dxxx- Senior  
Monday 25/11/2013, 22:15

I take the second offer ...

$ + Jackie Cr (full) + Tanaereva Cr (full)

$= 469 Clintz

Hope my offer will be the best

offline _GODVIRUS_ Legend  
Monday 25/11/2013, 22:27

Are you kidding with me? smiley smiley

$=8M clintz smiley

offline _GODVIRUS_ Legend  
Monday 25/11/2013, 22:29


8M or less than 8M, if you send Jackie and Tana.

offline 0CX Imperator Open Casket
Monday 25/11/2013, 22:37

I offer Jackie x2 Tanman Lamar and Tessa

offline -Dxxx- Senior  
Monday 25/11/2013, 22:38


good luck smiley

offline OrderOfEra Senior  
Monday 25/11/2013, 22:56

I can find one for 7.5M max..

offline SPT rozzo Colossus Spaghetti Tricolore
Monday 25/11/2013, 23:24

7,5M is already a lot...i offer 7M

offline _GODVIRUS_ Legend  
Saturday 30/11/2013, 07:11

My price for Guru now- 7.7M or 7.3M/7.4M + Tana Cr + Jackie Cr

offline _GODVIRUS_ Legend  
Saturday 30/11/2013, 07:15

0 Xing, im only interested on Tana and Jackie. but thanks for the offer. smiley

0_JOk3r, the offer is not bad. i will think about it. if anyone offers more, the Guru is yours. thank you... smiley

SPT rozzo, 7M is too low. smiley

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