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Need help? This is the thread for you.

Need help? This is the thread for you.
Thursday 28/11/2013, 14:57
100th - Titan English

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Need help? This is the thread for you.
100th - Titan English - Thursday 28/11/2013, 17:37

As an experienced daily tournament player I can't tell you the amount of messages in game and private messages I've had asking my deck and how to play daily tournaments and how many people I've played against who could have won the tournament or at least placed a lot higher with a minor change to his deck or play style.

What I've come up with to help the community out is an idea which I think will help greatly newer players and maybe even vets who are 1 ingredient away from making that Jamie Oliver cake. I believe if I can win a tournament you can so the plan is..

You will give me your favorite clan(s) and a budget if you have one and I will make you a deck, not only will I make you the deck I will then play in the next tournament I can with it to see what kind of numbers I can get with it. This will give you a rough idea of how well the deck can place and maybe you can even beat my score!

So post away! If you are a vet don't be ashamed to ask! If you know anyone who would need help like this direct them to this thread

edited by Infiniti Thursday 28/11/2013, 17:37
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WP_Woody 81 - Novice English
Monday 20/01, 22:06

Can you make me a mono Uppers DT deck 29 *
Freddyt58_HoA - Legend - Harbingers of Ares English
Tuesday 28/01, 12:47


tips please
Freddyt58_HoA - Legend - Harbingers of Ares English
Wednesday 29/01, 22:38

EA-Maynstream - Imperator - Elysium Aether English
Thursday 30/01, 04:07

@IM Nem8

If you place in the top 150 of any tournament during the day, then your name will be put into the Cr lottery. At the end of the day, 5 Cr's are given out to random people that placed in the top 150 of any tournament
Freddyt58_HoA - Legend - Harbingers of Ares English
Friday 31/01, 20:13

What format Ryan?
ScaryRyan RG - Master - Ramshackle Glory English
Saturday 01/02, 00:54

Extended but on another note i really need help with standard So if you could just shoot out a few good clans for standard or link a few presets that would be really cool
as for the Sentinel deck
Tessa Cr
that is what im using right now for extended but like i said help with a non Sentinel standard deck or even a Sentinel one would be really appreciated my budget is 200k i would rather keep it on the cheaper side though
cofferide - Veteran - lord Guild English
Wednesday 19/03, 08:08

Can you help me with a Freaks deck? ATM, I hv Baldovino, Oren, Rhyno, Shazam, Maamon, Madelone, Varoslav, Daqun, Wolfgang, Quasichoco and lots more- except Olga, Bogdan, Hindelga, Splatta Cr bcoz i don't hv enough clintz. What I am asking is which card should I put in my Deck? Currently, I am using Bridget, Eddie as a staple. This is for T2 deck.

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