offline 1 Viktor 1 Master  
Tuesday 08/01/2008, 13:01

I have the following cards for sale or exchange.....

Ghoub (2stars)

please leave your offers... if acceptable sale or exchange will take place... smileysmiley

offline skillz_4_u Veteran  
Tuesday 08/01/2008, 14:26

smileymalmoth for 450 smiley

offline TDDP Imperator  
Tuesday 08/01/2008, 14:45

I want perle...what level is she and do you want bridget for it?

offline Ponchos skirt Senior  
Tuesday 08/01/2008, 17:08

Ghoub for 300, malmoth 451, matthew 250, timmy 1500.
Ill give you 3000 for the lot (without perle)

offline The Haunted Master  
Tuesday 08/01/2008, 17:21

Hi! I will give you 2000 clintz for Timmy.

offline skillz_4_u Veteran  
Tuesday 08/01/2008, 17:38

Malmoth 500c

offline Lewster48 Veteran  
Tuesday 08/01/2008, 18:19

TDDP i'll give you perle for bridget

offline Bralbuc Titan  
Tuesday 08/01/2008, 19:09

Perle 3000

offline 1 Viktor 1 Master  
Wednesday 09/01/2008, 13:39

Alryt. Timmy for 2000.... and malmoth for 500..... smiley

Perle already down... smiley

offline Ninja-zero Legend  
Wednesday 09/01/2008, 20:09

325 for Ghoub

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