offline elocau Titan  
Sunday 01/12/2013, 10:51

Click here to receive your gift.

Each gift is available for 24 hours only.

edited by Infiniti sunday 01/12/2013, 10:51

offline JOKER2Ultra Senior  
Sunday 22/12/2013, 11:33

@ Thoazol : Shut up bleach and do not defend these greedy monsters ,i do not blame you because ur owns your silicone implants and your soul i am only express my opinion .

offline James Chape Titan Masters of Battle
Sunday 22/12/2013, 11:39

^ This guy in on drugs (post171)

offline NGU_Makath Colossus Never give up
Monday 23/12/2013, 05:26

It's been pretty nice... I wonder i we will have a Huracán Noel being the new clan; a Frozn Noel, since it could become trend for the Noels to be Frozn; or perhaps a Roots Noel, since they have the least non-CR cards at 37. Willow could be a nice Noel, and her art is arguably the best we1ve seen in 2013.

offline Camkh Titan lonely fighters
Monday 23/12/2013, 07:19

2 credit on 23th UR so kind. smiley
Thanks smiley

offline tgh02 Titan Open Casket
Monday 23/12/2013, 14:00

Anyone complaining about 2 Credits will receive lumps of coal from Santa. UR's been generous with free Credits during Advent giveaway = thank you!

Happy holidays everyone!

offline wildog Guru The Alliance
Monday 23/12/2013, 16:31

RE:tidus102ff: 95% of players will use the calender, about 4% of the remaining five dont play UR any more so are irrelevant, that last 1% who actually play the game but dont claim their reward are too stupid to even use the market so are irrelevant again. inflation will happen....
sorry if I ruined Christmas for you.

offline Thoazol Mediator Wise Men Distracted
Monday 23/12/2013, 16:40

Do you seriously think that only 4% of all the players in UR history have quit?

offline James Chape Titan Masters of Battle
Monday 23/12/2013, 16:45

I think it's about 60% smiley

offline wildog Guru The Alliance
Monday 23/12/2013, 17:02

...have given up as of december

available UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS starstarstarstar
Monday 23/12/2013, 17:11

The extra clintz, credits e.c.t are an extra present (This is the first year like that all the others have been artwork). Lets not be greedy and mean. Christmas is a time of Joy and good will to everyone (apart from piers Morgan (Joke)).

We all know what everyone waiting for is the 25th smiley

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