offline Goralion Admin Clint Staff
Friday 13/12/2013, 09:15

Hey everybody,

We have been pretty quiet on UR since too many months. We know you have a lot of questions and concerns left without answers about the game you (used to) love.
Not everything we have done those past months and year was good. We know this, and we are not afraid of rolling back about those features. You are waiting for changes, updates, corrections ; I am going to give you some of our plans for the next months about UR.

- bug / issue corrections. If you want to help us by reporting issues we may not know about, please check this topic :

- DT gameplay rollback : we will go back on our old and beloved T1 & T2 DT's, and slightly tweak it to achieve a good competitive balance

- DT prizes modification : I cannot go deep into the details as it is not completely defined yet, but here is a little description :
-> no more Cr lottery, we will add a Cr token system
-> you will win Cr tokens according to your rank in a DT / performance
-> you will be able to spend your Cr tokens on Cr packs
-> 1 pack = 1 random Cr
-> there will be several Cr packs ; the higher Cr pack's price, the higher value of the Cr you will obtain by opening it
-> Cr tokens will most certainly NOT be sold in the shop, which means you will have to play one way or another to get a Cr pack
-> a Cr pack will be expensive, so it will take time to get Cr's this way
-> what issues this Cr tokens system solves : a lot less randomness in DT's prize awarding (thus more fairness) ; Cr's (a bit) more accessible, as you will unavoidably get one at some point

- Pack shop rollback / modification : the newest packs we made half a year ago (new Nb, etc.) were controversial. Thus, we are studying a new pack shop, combining the strength of the old and new pack shops to provide you a better offer with a large price range

- a surprise for the beginning of the new year, which will be the starting point of UR's rebirth time

So this was what is coming for sure during the next months. More will come. What is for sure is that UR is going to evolve in many ways and catch up. smiley

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offline EddieMangoHoA Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 16/01/2014, 13:30

That a hint or are you just making fun of us for complaining smiley

offline Vinyl-Scratch Titan D-Versified
Thursday 16/01/2014, 17:20

They'll make the changes feb 29.

available yaoihuntresse Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 16/01/2014, 21:51

It takes time to make big changes so I look forward to it.

offline ON_GodFeeling Colossus Carry ON
Sunday 19/01/2014, 00:57

Here is my ideas :

- New Ld's, i mean its friday, and its 2 ways, or yees new cards Awesome!, or (for some old players) meh random ld i have, atleast i will have 10 creds but ye cool i guess. Seriously new ld's would be a good thing, they don't need to be OP, just usable.
- New leaders? Or some sort of compensention for leveling up (Like FR have), i mean in this game lv50+, it doesn't mean A THING leveling up, get exp, play games to level up, adding some clintz/missions/creds anything would be cool, and Leaders like at level 60-70-80 .. etc would be nice to.
- New missions every week, would be cool, and temporary missions would be nice too, it would make us play the game when it's boring.

That's it, hoping for some changes and to grow the game, because the players are leaving, and it's time to make players stay and attract old and new players.

offline Fun OK 6 9 Colossus OnE MaLaysia
Sunday 19/01/2014, 07:53

Leveling up get rewarded with 1 Cr Token? Anyone?

offline Bagadur MOB Colossus Masters of Battle
Sunday 19/01/2014, 18:28

When are you going to bring back T2? It was just a bluff?

offline EddieMangoHoA Colossus Harbingers of Ares
Sunday 19/01/2014, 18:54

@fun OK 6 9
Thats a bad idea lol all these new people will be getting like 50 Cr token in the time it take us to get 5, or will we get them for our level ups previous eg i start of with 57

offline Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 19/01/2014, 20:44

Cr tokens per level up isn't that bad of an idea, but it couldn't be a set amount per every level up. Could be as simple as every ten levels one token per level up at that point. Leveling to 80 giving 80 tokens, or more/less depending on how valuable one token is.

offline Infiniti Moderator Open Casket
Sunday 19/01/2014, 23:31

Cr tokens - Only after level 60 please.

offline XC-MerLiN Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Monday 20/01/2014

Infy got a big point there. I think we should restrict Cr tokens more aggressively, like for people above level 70, ELO 1300, DM, at least one 5 th place, DM 400, and surv either mode, level 5, none of which is the least bit tough. smiley

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