offline Falixd Senior Demons Fang
Sunday 15/12/2013, 00:24

Are you looking to join a friendly, well kept, organized, guild?

-Or are you knew and looking for a cool place to meet new people, and battle new enemies like never before?

If so, I advise you to join the guild, Demons Fang.

In our guild we don't just take the toughest, and roughest looking characters to join us. Instead, we take those of all places, with different faces, and create a not only friendly environment, but a non judgemental one too!
Benefiting your trust, and building your social skills as well.

Join us, we'll be thankful to have you as a part of our community!
I am willing to answer you're questions to my fullest extent.
Demons Fang

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offline SOF-Archinado Master Slaves of Freedom
Monday 16/12/2013, 10:50


offline 0 Cow Senior  
Tuesday 17/12/2013, 00:58

Good guild would recommend joining

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