offline Spitfyre1-{OC} Imperator  
Friday 20/12/2013, 06:11

Hello guys, I'm looking for a good clan that can help me elevate in the elo standings so i can get more cards and cash. What decks do you recommend?


Skeelz: I dont know why but I just find skeelz a really fun clan to play with jay and praxie etc. is this a gdnclan for elo and which cards are?

berzerk: These hard hitters have a beastly bonus and I have player them before and I love them. But I just have one issue and that is no DRs. Would you recommend half deck if berzrk at all?

ulu watu: ok, the only reason I put ulu watu here is because injust got beaten bad by stanley and nanook combo. I'm considering getting and ulu watu deck myself? is that good?

Sakhrom : This alien clan is really good for life gap and DRs. maybe I should half deck?

Thanks for all the suggestions and help thta you can give smiley

offline DUC-San Titan  
Friday 20/12/2013, 09:03

Skeelz can be used for anything. Mono deck, Half deck or Splash cards. Dr Falkenstein, Sandro and Sasha are great in mono and with Redra, Kephren, Chiara and Plunk you have a great deck
I like Berzerk with Graven. Without Graven I don't like them really. When Graven is unbanned you can try Graven, Elvis/Konrad, Lola/Roger and Melanie (Lola is your DR)
Ulu Watu is nice with their 4* cards Eddie, Noland and Numar. They have great 2* and 3* too and if you play a 5* Ulu you can try Stanly (I think that's the best 5* for ELO Ulu)
Sakrohm is good for halfdecks but they work wel in mono too. Jautya, Murray and Wakai can make big life gaps and you have SoA and SoB from Oxo, Petra and Virginia. When mono you can use Virginia, Petra, Jautya, Murray, Ngrath, Oxo, Aleister and Wakai and with a halfdeck it depends on the other half but Jautya and Oxo are great in halfdeck.

Maybe you can try Berzerk with Saks if Graven is free
Graven, Elvis/Konrad, Lola, Melanie, Jautya, Murray, Oxo, Aleister
Or even without Graven
Elvis, Konrad, Lola/Roger, Melanie, Jautya, Petra, Oxo, Aleister

offline Spitfyre1-{OC} Imperator  
Friday 20/12/2013, 09:23

I like the idea of a berzerk/sakhrom deck. But im not too hot on the idea of oxo bevause Imo he's a little weak, even with the SOA. For skeelz what do you think of hemdall or even corvus for the pills manip?

offline DUC-San Titan  
Friday 20/12/2013, 09:28

I never played with Hemdall but much people say he is not good for elo but better for T2.
For Skeelz 5* in ELO you can better use Minerva or Michael.
Corvus has a great pillz ability but his damage is too low for a 4*. I'd use Falkenstein (mono) and Kephren (half / mono) over him.

offline Spitfyre1-{OC} Imperator  
Friday 20/12/2013, 09:32

Ok I think I'll try to use skeelz mono. what do you think of spaighi, dr falkenstein, sandro, sasha, kephren, plunk, snowflake (waiting for my cards to sell to buy chiara), and minerva/logan?

offline mistblade14 Imperator Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 21/12/2013, 15:36

If you using Skeelz as mono, i suggest to use Redra instead of Spiaghi. ( to make full use of Support in your deck )
With Dr,Kephren,Plunk,Snowflake,Sandro,Sasha and Redra would be 21*. You cant add Minerva/Logan anymore.
I would go with Belgosi but you can choose Jay or Aigwon. i would avoid Corvus, Damian and Manfred.

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