Saturday 21/12/2013, 11:56

The Deck relies on using frozens revenge power combined with Berzerk's Initial damage to get the job done .

The problem is , i only recently started playing again [i play fantasy rivals now adays] and just put in 2 new cards [Ramapah and Yodd] coz i liked 'em.
I am just not sure how well the deck will hold up and hence came to u guy for some advice

Saturday 28/12/2013, 08:12

I find junta boring , its powerful , but i dont even need to think its too luck based . I man i can go fury on Raven and cross my fingers it gets through .

Saturday 28/12/2013, 09:46

Guyz , why does Naele have a -5 ?? she isnt on list of -5 and she aint elo banned
Also i ll ask now , is Shaarakti gonna gimme a -ve point??

Saturday 28/12/2013, 15:17

Because Naele was the card that pushed Vortex from being strong in Standard DT to being the clan you had to specifically build to counter in Standard DT.


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