Thursday 26/12/2013, 13:39

Songs, tinsel, Christmas trees and…bombs? Christmas might prove to be quite eventful this year as Clover has dressed up for the occasion and is off to joyfully deliver shells and explosives to her chosen few. So let’s hope you’ve been good this year and Don’t end up in a shower of confetti!

The Urban Rivals team would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. If you registered before midnight on December 20, click (And then click the number 25) to receive your free gift: Clover Noel.
This character is also now available in the New Blood packs.

Happy holidays to you all and see you next year.

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Wednesday 25/12/2013, 05:18

For ones asking where to click.

click on the 25th.

Wednesday 25/12/2013, 05:21

Finally a new noel card. Thank you UR smiley
And Happy Merry Christmas to everyone smiley

Wednesday 25/12/2013, 05:32

Where to get Clover Noel???smiley

Wednesday 25/12/2013, 06:54

WEEEEEEE! Clover Noel

Wednesday 25/12/2013, 08:01

Merry Christmas once again! Happy holidayssmiley
I sorf of expected Clover to be noel since users ban her too often,and she is probably imminent for a permanent ban

Wednesday 25/12/2013, 08:16

Click here ---->
and then on the number 25.

Wednesday 25/12/2013, 08:20

For those still wondering where to click it's the 25 day in the calendar smiley

Wednesday 25/12/2013, 08:20

Merry Christmas UR!

Wednesday 25/12/2013, 08:26

Very nice smiley. Would've been a little nicer if she was uncommon, but whatever. Decent card, awesome artwork.
But, why doesn't she have a mission ? Brampah Noel got one last year.
Or was that just because Frozn didn't have so many character missions ?
In any case, thanks UR and happy holidays to all !

Wednesday 25/12/2013, 09:07

Merry Christmas


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