Thursday 26/12/2013, 15:21

Im broke, and I was wondering whats the best way to get up a good size collection, Packs cost quite a bit Ive noticed and I can't play 24/7

I have noticed some Ebay adds that are better priced, but then I risk the account ban. What does everyone suggest for quickest money making in game to build up to a good deck, also what is a good clan choice to fit that purpose.

Thursday 26/12/2013, 15:41

Well you clearly won't go for the ebay option. Like you said, you just risk a ban and losing your money.

Thursday 26/12/2013, 15:51

I actually buy often packs and sell the cards or I buy cards and I try to sell them for an higher price... with the pacs you always can make up at least 20k from each... smiley

Thursday 26/12/2013, 18:00

@ atrana

Happy New Year! I'm a free-to-play player and many others will post their methods here. As IL TRIVELLA mentioned, using Credits to buy packs then selling for Ctz works best.

* Earn Credits playing ELO DT Coliseum (rare) and Surveys. You can also play on your Android / iOS device and collect Credits installing affiliate Apps

* Buy NB on release day, sell your cards. Or hoard Credits and wait for Cr announcement to buy that Clan for your chance to pull a Cr card

* Sniping works but you're going against other players & BoTs what scour Market 24/7. You have to start somewhere and Market pays a fair profit if you pay attention

* Join a guild to reduce Kate Tax. Kate takes 5% from your every transaction on UR. Join a guild & earn your gold stripe to lower that Tax to 4%

* Watch when a card is Manip'd by investors, that's your chance to sell along with them and gain a higher % profit

* You're not allowed to advertise but you can Pful cards and sell them to players wanting to increase their BP/Levels. Often if you can purchase sufficient 0xp, you'll earn considerable profit to fund your deck purchase

There are many more methods but these are most common

Thursday 26/12/2013, 23:47

Hey tgh02 which phone apps you mean? because that's something new to me and I will like to know more about it...

Friday 27/12/2013, 05:32

If you're using an Android device, in the upper right corner you'll see a link to Tapjoy. They will reward players with UR Credits if you agree to download and play other Apps. Most are reliable but there are shady ones too

Friday 27/12/2013, 12:43

Oh I see, thanks for the reply... if is like this then I don't trust much...


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