Thursday 26/12/2013, 15:31

Join the Coliseum : Evolution this week end from friday december 27 at
2pm CET (9am EST) to monday december 30 at 10am CET (5am EST).A 26 stars deck format 12 life points / 12 pillz.Lots of combat points to win, make the most of it. smileyAll details on the Coliseum page.

Friday 27/12/2013, 01:11

Ello d 4 r k,

You achieved rank 2419 but unfortunately that was not enough to win any prize.

I am sure you will do better in the next Coliseum events !


but im sure im ranked 1364th last event... i hate this

Friday 27/12/2013, 01:33

I was thinking like you Dreadshadow, that it would be really inconvenient to play this Coliseum event if you have to keep buying the cards you need to make it, and probably not many people will play for this reason, but at the same time if not many people will play is gonna be easier to get a price and maybe, and I say maybe get DJ Korr Cr... smiley

Saturday 28/12/2013, 11:10

Nice! smiley

Sunday 29/12/2013, 14:38

I'm feeling kinda cheated on this event. I just played against a player that had General Cr in his deck. A card that is a collector and also banned by the Elo staff. Where are you admins?

Monday 30/12/2013, 11:58

smiley Curious: Isn't Coliseum suppose to be closed already?

Monday 30/12/2013, 13:23

Hey, have you got your prizes?

Monday 30/12/2013, 14:42

@ joseph_27

UR PMed results @ 8:04am EST today. It will congratulate you on rank & prize awarded... Search Coliseum board for your friends rankings before UR shuts servers & results are removed

Monday 30/12/2013, 14:44

@ Fun OK 6 9
Ha ha you're right! Normally UR shuts it down early, today someone left it on. It's 8:43am EST and it shows Green and Ranking tables remain available & searchable

Good eye

Monday 30/12/2013, 14:57

Dafuq? I thought the coliseum was supposed to end at 5 p.m( my country time). Now it ended at 9 p.m. And i thought i will be Lucky smileysmiley


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