offline 1ELM-skillet Veteran Ellas to Megaleio sou
Sunday 05/01/2014, 17:37

I corrently have some of montanas and piranhas worth a good amount of clints

and some cheap sentinel..
i can easily get to 150 in touraments i vent rly tried another mode...
i am a montana fan so... where i should start im a litle confuse should i keep getting card from montana to complete the clan or buy other clans to expand my playing options? also i play mono decks (mainly cause i dont have enough cards smiley) where should i start the so many clans out there smiley

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Sunday 05/01/2014, 23:13

You should broaden you choice of clans. You get more missions done -> you get more goodies -> you start rolling on your own weight.

You dont need to get all cards from clan, just decks that work fine on the playfield. Usually the 25* format cards are cheaper than the high hitters, so you can plan accordingly.

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