Wednesday 08/01/2014, 12:34

Join the Coliseum: Brawl from wednesday january 8 at 10am CET (5am EST) to thursday january 9 at 10am CET (5am EST).28 stars deck format (12 life points / 12 pillz) containing at most 5 common cards.Try to win one of the numerous Cr cards put into play.All details on the Coliseum page.Good luck everybody.

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Tuesday 07/01/2014, 18:28

I think the common rule is in reverse.

Right now it says that you cannot contain more than 5 commons

Tuesday 07/01/2014, 18:41

Current rules say "no more than 5 commons" and nothing about "at least 5 commons"...

Tuesday 07/01/2014, 19:38

Rules of the event say that your deck can't contain MORE THAN five common cards, whereas the rules seem to indicate that your deck must contain AT LEAST (or "at list"smiley five common cards. I'm confused.

Tuesday 07/01/2014, 19:46

I wanted the 25k xp to be up smiley

Tuesday 07/01/2014, 20:29

'Your Deck cannot contain more than 5 common character(s).'
There is no minimum of commons your deck can contain?
WIth this rules you can play with no commons at all?

Tuesday 07/01/2014, 20:51

1st: Ombre Cr and 10k bp
2nd: Dwain Cr and 10k bp
3rd: Jackie Cr and 10k bp
4th: Caelus and 10k bp
5-30th: 100k and 10k bp
31-60th: 50k and 10k bp
61-150th: 20k and 10k bp
151-500th: 7.5k and 5k bp
501-1500th: 3k and 3.5k bp
1501-2000th: 1k

8 points for a win.
2 bonus points for a ko.
3 points for a tie.
10 point penalty for quit or timeout.

Your deck cannoth contain:
·Under 8 characters.
·Above 28 levels.
·More than 5 common cards.
·No permabans, no collecters("Crs"smiley, no doubles, no semi-evos.

Cannot contain MORE than 5 commons? That's way to easy to build a deck around smiley

Tuesday 07/01/2014, 21:20

Rules makes no sense smiley

Tuesday 07/01/2014, 23:25

10,000 BP, better than nothing. Going to play it as usual.

Tuesday 07/01/2014, 23:59

No collector so you can only have rare,uncommon and common.
at most 1 rare and 2 commons
so you can have 8 common cards
7 common+1rare or 1 uncommno
6 common+ 2 uncommon
practically says : 5common,2 uncommon,1 rare
its the same thing since there aren't any other cotegories


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