offline Mac_Leod Colossus Cocounts Island
Thursday 09/01/2014, 14:18

The Coliseum: King of Kings will be back from friday january 10 at 2pm CET (9am EST) to monday january 13 at 10am CET (5am EST).A 24 stars deck (11 life points / 11 pillz).Try to win one of the numerous Cr cards put into play.All details on the Coliseum page.

offline spagr Colossus Army of Elite Mercenaries
Tuesday 14/01/2014, 16:15

My questions to TOP5 players -

1) Did you expect you will finish in top5 before the Colliseum start ?
2) What deck did you play ? (please give us a link)
3) What was your strategy ?
4) What was the best and the worst moment in the Coliseum ?
5) What would you recommend to other players in next Colliseum ?

Here are the answers -

1) No.I wanted to be in top 100 or top 50 and I hoped to win some few clintz smiley
2) Coliseum.Дека добра=)
3) Improvisation smiley
4) I give you some interesting moments,i thing they are interestingsmiley
aaa) +25 points for me
bbb) Good start,but...
ccc) Only +6,but it was hard
ddd) 1st round I havent screen of full matchsmiley +21 points
eee) Perfect play with Boohma,but I lose this matchsmiley
fff) It was a 34th match.And my sop is a Russian player :O.I was a nervous+I lose 50/50 and result-0 pointssmiley Lose at the end of my game in coliseum and against Russian player upset me.
ggg) Knockout was so close...smiley
5) Believe yourself and play more often in the coliseum=)

TpU Schalke04
1) when i played the first 5 matches,i decide if its possible to win or not smiley sometimes i lose 4 out of 5 matches,so its boring to play to the end,but sometimes i win everything and its possible to win the coliseum.
2) The deck was mono Jungo with filler.
4) The best moment was if i won with a 11 stars hand against a 16 stars hand xDD,the worst moment was my last match,because of that i couldnt win the coliseum smiley

1) No, just wanted to make 1500 clints;
2) Jungo;
3) Win fast and with a lot of life;
4) The best: all the wins; the worst: the last game i was anxious and could made second in the tournment!
5) Adapt the strategy if you start losing, be patient, and have lots of luck, like me!

_ Arno _
1. No i didn't expect to finish in top 5, i just play to be in tp 30
2. deleted
3.I get no precise strategy, i'll adapt my playing with my cards and my oponent cards
4. The best moment of this colieum was my victory 19-0, and the worst is when i saw a one shot killer for the first time against me, they will be out of this format
5.Nothing to recommand for the others players

It looks like playing Jungo was good idea ...

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