offline namowah Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 11/01/2014, 18:47

I keep on losing in survivor ELO.
I tried this preset but it doesn't work:

max wins I do is 2. smiley
What can I do? (And as you can see from my profile don't recommend cards that I can't get)
If you are kind help me improve in elo also. Max i achieve in ELO is 1050 lol...

offline DUC-San Titan  
Saturday 11/01/2014, 19:01

Looking at your deck I don't think your budget is really high. Because of that I recommend playing mono decks. You always have your bonus and you can get some cards for less money. I recommend Jungo, Junta, Rescue or Montana in mono

Jungo = Ongh is expensive, but you have Moegura, Buba, Boohmah, Rodney, Radek and more
Junta = This one is more expensive, especially the 4* and 5* cost much money, but the 2* and 3* are cheap
Montana = The cheapest useful deck where I can think of is Belladone, Desmond, Oscar, Gianfranco, Moses, Waller, Spiaghi and Angelo. Edd Cr and Vermaire are good but they are expensive
Rescue = Anita, Dr Norton, Krash, Sue and Daussone are cheap. Buckler, Sledg, Campbell and Kerry are more expensive but they are worth the money
You may also consider Huracan. Derby Queen, Gatuchica, Miss DerbyQueen, Mister Pollo, Wonder Lana, El Zombino, El Merucurio, El Gascaro; all cheap and usefull.

Montana and Rescue are especially good for survivor elo because of their huge attack. When you are at high survivor you only have 10/11 pillz so 12 attack is very useful

offline namowah Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 11/01/2014, 20:36

Thank you, this is the kind of post I was looking for. smiley
I'm gonna try them. I think I will try Montana first because I already have Edd Cr.

offline DUC-San Titan  
Sunday 12/01/2014, 17:40

If I were you I'd save money for Vermaire and buy him
Vermaire, Edd, Desmond, Waller, Oscar, Moses (or maybe Gianfranco because of much SoA) Spiaghi and Angelo was the deck I used too for Survivor and I got at least 4-5 each time, so I think you can do that do

offline namowah Imperator URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 12/01/2014, 19:22

I tried ELO with mono montana and I'm going up smiley

18:13 Elo you beat mikedu06, les catcheur de clintz city (10-2): 1120 ELO
18:07 Elo you narrowly escaped from HoA_Grix, Harbingers of Ares (3-2): 1109 ELO
18:01 Elo you beat cookie409, The CheeseHeadz (11-5): 1094 ELO
17:49 Elo you almost won against Dibler, "Rim Tim" Team (3-6): 1071 ELO
17:44 Elo you almost won against Super Brochett (4-5): 1085 ELO
17:38 Elo you narrowly escaped from Primitif (7-5): 1098 ELO
17:31 Elo you narrowly escaped from O2_Leo140, Oxygène (6-3): 1086 ELO
17:27 Elo you won by timeout against Lucius Fisk (14-12): 1069 ELO
17:23 Elo you won by forfeit against AccesOn-RT-, RoMaNiA TiT@nS (14-2): 1054 ELO
17:20 Elo you narrowly escaped from Hell987, LIBERTADORES DA AMÉRICA (6-5): 1036 ELO
17:15 Elo you won by forfeit against 0 L, Zona Zero® (14-4): 1023 ELO

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