Wednesday 28/05/2014, 22:24

This is a guild for those who feel the call of war, for those who revel in the destruction of their opponents and reap the spoils of victory.

Ares is looking for level 35+ members who wish to be in an active, exciting guild with contests, games, and prizes.

We are savage to our enemies and honorable to our fellow Harbingers.
The Greek god of war, Ares, needs you, warrior!

Harbingers of Ares

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Wednesday 22/01/2014, 17:44

That's not HoA in a nutshell ... that's just weird.

Wednesday 22/01/2014, 18:07


Wednesday 22/01/2014, 22:53

Join Guys!smiley

Thursday 23/01/2014, 02:52

The biggest mistake you could make is not taking this great oppurtunity thats right before youre eyes so stop wasting your time and apply to the greatest guild alive smiley

Thursday 23/01/2014, 12:09

Dont compare us to any of these other guilds you might see above and below us, WE ARE THE BEST, HoA has been through it all. We are active and most importantly we are family smiley

Thursday 23/01/2014, 12:38

We aren't the best... i hate when people say we are the best.
We like any other guild have our pros and cons.

If we were to be the best to an extent where no guild stood a chance, then there wouldn't be any other guilds.
I haven't been in all other guilds to see if we are really the best either.

So i'l just say one thing, follow your heart. And i hope our constant bragging by some members hasn't made you unattracted to hoa..

smiley, join the family

Thursday 23/01/2014, 12:45

What yuri said! Join us and see for yourself!! smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Thursday 23/01/2014, 19:21

Calm down a little, Lucas smiley.

Friday 24/01/2014, 06:22

Lol ok, join us now! smiley

Friday 24/01/2014, 07:11

89/100. Just a few more spots left !


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