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We as a community need to keep our forums a bit tidier.

The forum needs to be helpful to new players that are looking for information and advice from the rest of us.

Please post off topic discussions in this thread.

thank you

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Wednesday 18/05, 00:27

Friday 17/06, 15:34

So sorry for bothering anyone but i have been inactive for quite a bit, and have yet to collect all the Ld's
Will the missions continue or can you only get them through the new Arcade mode.


Friday 17/06, 15:35

@meiko you can get the ld's only from arcade if u have not unlocked their last mission smiley

Friday 17/06, 16:30

@Dante KirA Thanks man, i really think that's a shame. Oh well beggars can't be chosers. Thanks though for the answer smiley

Friday 17/06, 16:46

@Meki why u think like that xD , np at all smiley , feel free to ask me anything smiley


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