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Sunday 19/01/2014, 23:44

We as a community need to keep our forums a bit tidier.

The forum needs to be helpful to new players that are looking for information and advice from the rest of us.

Please post off topic discussions in this thread.

thank you

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Thursday 17/12/2015, 23:53

No idea, it happened a few years ago. But when a few of us tried to convince/complain (it was a mix of both), we just got ignored (if I remember correctly). Honestly, they could probably make more money from comics than all the pack promos they're doing.

Thursday 17/12/2015, 23:58

Such a shame, they owe you guys (i guess everyone) a explanation, but its old news now i suppose. Comics are a huge industry now due to the movies, they really should be cashing in, have a mix between 2 huge industries (game and comics) and you will have huge profit. Gotta spend money to make money but what ever.

Friday 18/12/2015, 00:15

Do petitions work in this game? Let's start a petition to see who wants comics back and who's willing to pay for them xD

It's too bad they got rid of their comics though, it's what seperated them from other online games.

Friday 18/12/2015, 00:19

There is a petition site i know of, its kinda a hassle to sign up and explain why though. Be easier to just have a poll thread (if there is a option for that here lol).
#OccupyUrbanRival #ComicLivesMatter #PleaseDontBanMeDisAJoke

Friday 18/12/2015, 00:25

Lol that last tag xD

You can start a thread on the general forum, and if you can get at least 20 people to reply to it, it'd be a great start (considering that not many people post there). Staff will probably ignore it, or post a comment or two, but if you're Lucky, you might be able to convince them or at least get a reason out of them.

Friday 18/12/2015, 00:29

Ill give that a try, and wow they have a dinosaur clan now also? once im done with building a Lucha clan deck found my next project

Friday 18/12/2015, 00:36

Heres the link for it lol

Wednesday 23/12/2015, 13:03

There should be a clear button in deck making,

Monday 08/02, 17:17

Always avoid those classic blunders.

Unrelated: My lower back is sore as fuuuuck.

Sunday 24/04, 05:49


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