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Sunday 19/01/2014, 23:44

We as a community need to keep our forums a bit tidier.

The forum needs to be helpful to new players that are looking for information and advice from the rest of us.

Please post off topic discussions in this thread.

thank you

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Saturday 17/10, 16:22

Well the last episode was different like the anime or the film(not watched the film yet)
the acting was good but as always, kira died.
And after the drama. It reveals that there's going to be a sequel with 6 death notes scattered.
the sequel will be a film in 2016. Can't wait for it :P

Saturday 17/10, 16:36

I feel like I'm the only person who watched the entirety of RWBY in 1 day lol.

Sunday 18/10, 09:45

Spoiler alert. HAHAHAHA :-d

Thursday 22/10, 23:11


Tuesday 10/11, 14:28

Anyone reading manga here?

Tuesday 10/11, 17:19

Others excited for the Peanuts movie? I'm going to go watch it when it airs in my country! Hope to see the English version if possible :dork:
One of the only bad sides about it is that I've never really read or watched the Peanuts before (I've lately read a bit of them, they're great!). The way they turned the classic comic-style to CGI looked amazing on the trailers.

Other movies I'm looking forward to are The Little Prince (If it didn't air already? I fuzzily remember there being talk about the Cannes film festival and it receiving an award but maybe that's just me) and possible other animated movies. Not much of a live-action type of person. Sometimes they're good.

Anyone into knitting? I'm trying to work out how to do a pom-pom (The type which hangs from a beanie). I'll probably make it look like one of those Sootballs (Susuwatari) from My Neighbour Totoro/Spirited Away. Expect in red. Sort of strawberry flavoured sootball, you could say. It's been a reeeeeally long while since I've knitted last time... I very very rarely do this but since I've been having the idea for a long time I decided to give it a go.

Well. That's all I've got :p

Saturday 14/11, 02:38

I hope the French people here in UR are safe from the recent terrorist attacks. :-/


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