offline Build God Colossus Open Casket
Friday 24/01/2014, 18:44

Post your pack results here!

This can be used to find average price of packs, rarity quantity etc.

offline (PA) Graham Colossus Piratas do Atlântico
Monday 29/05, 19:14

"- Ogoun Kyu, Aurelia, Trey, WoodXsxt, Bernie, Lil Jey, Zapatino, Flux, Acid DC, Gheistling, Myke, Joana, Ratchek, Billy Bob, Kristin, Zhang, Bishop, Dwan, Wolf, Norma, Gabrielle, Vinny, Tank, Janine, Pam, Arawaka, Jayzel, Nathan, Gats, Donnie, Elvis, Desmond, T47, Moai, Araaknat, Dugan, Jasmine, Logan, Cyb Yose, Joao, Rass, Uxoh, Anibal, Jautya, Ielena, Enzo, Eris, Selina, La Bestia, Aegis"

What did you get in your EFC packs?

offline Indemnity Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 31/05, 00:16

Has anyone got any results for the 200cr thematic pack?

offline MR-Puma Colossus Open Casket
Monday 05/06, 12:42


offline MemoryConsume Colossus the courtyard of shadows
Tuesday 06/06, 00:20


offline GreedySaiyan Imperator  
Tuesday 06/06, 00:54

I swear this is like the last time I'll ever open a pack. Opened a mega new blood pack and got Cyb Yose, El Kuzco, Langoustina, El Nazca, Mou, Marlin, and Meow. smiley

offline benusko Colossus THE_POWER
Friday 09/06, 11:15

A good one[[313]]&newmissions=[]&completedmissions=[]smiley

offline eleos83 Colossus Deus eX Machina
Friday 09/06, 13:26

Crappy rare but at least i got al-lycs and two more cards i didn't have smiley

offline Laxiden Titan Gamerz Sanctuary
Wednesday 14/06, 10:51



offline eleos83 Colossus Deus eX Machina
Friday 23/06, 23:10


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