offline ScaryRyan RG Hero Ramshackle Glory
Saturday 01/02/2014, 01:02

For some reason i cant seem to come up with a standard deck for life of me so if anyone could throw out some good clans for standard or post some presets it would really help me or even just some tips Half deck or mono? and the such smiley

offline DUC-San Titan  
Saturday 01/02/2014, 07:53

Anything with 29-31* with Uppers, Huracan, Gheist, All stars or Sakrohm.
There haven't been new penalties yet so Noctezuma, El Divino, Mechakolos, Saki, Hefty+Kazayan are dominating standard dt
You can try 2 halfdecks but you can also try mono with Mevhakolos splash

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