offline WP Matt Titan War Party
Sunday 09/02/2014, 12:37

Morning Guys and Happy sunday.

only just started venturing in to the scary world of survivor. This is the deck i,m currently using but can't seem to get passed 11 smiley Any tips?

Moar Power Manipulation Please&list

offline wghheghfuehui Novice  
Sunday 09/02/2014, 13:31

It's too good to give tips on but once you get past a few levels then you should replace allstars with a attack manipulation deck and amber to morphun smiley

offline Infiniti Moderator Open Casket
Sunday 09/02/2014, 13:32

Ambre - Morphun

Caelus Cr - Jackie cr
Hemdall - Dorian
Crazy Carlo - Lady
Lamar Cr - Maurice

Michael - Morka
Marina - Uranus
Robb Cr - Graks

That should help get pass 11

offline wghheghfuehui Novice  
Sunday 09/02/2014, 13:34

Yeh that's better ^

offline WP Matt Titan War Party
Sunday 09/02/2014, 13:37

Was trying something different.. See them decks (or very slight variations) all the time.

For something different you need a few things:
cards that can hold their own against attack mani
caelus cr and robb cr are bad examples to that.
you already hve 2 DRs, why have an awesome defeat card on top of that?
minerva for hemdall.
if youre looking for something diffirent
you need damage.
coz youll find tons of DRs sent against you with only a few pillz and its better to get through even 2-3 damage instead of gettin your lyfe reduced urslf

it preety much needs a big over haul.

oh and yes.
morphun is a 90% must for survivor. he is to survivor like ambre is to DM.
you can play without em but its a chalange.
you dont want to chalenge yourself juts starting out.

offline WP Matt Titan War Party
Monday 10/02/2014, 08:08

Thanks!! Lots to think about.

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