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430pts Extended DT Cats/Sak

430pts Extended DT Cats/Sak
Monday 10/02/2014, 11:18
lightball20 - Imperator English

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430pts Extended DT Cats/Sak
lightball20 - Imperator English - Monday 10/02/2014, 11:18


Would have done better if I wasn't still getting back into the rhythm of this game after over a year long break.

lightball20 - Imperator English
Monday 10/02/2014, 11:27

Went back and checked 1 and a half year break based on when I last played a tournament which before now my best was 390 points and 59th place but that was in older style tournaments back when 1,100 players meant no one was playing that tournament rather than it being the largest tournament turnout of the week.
(Tiny-Glitch) - Legend - E X C A L I B U R English
Monday 10/02/2014, 20:02

Uranus sugma Pussycats? 430 -_-
lightball20 - Imperator English
Monday 10/02/2014, 20:52

31 points average for a win, 15 points average for a loss. I like how my deck worked considering before the tournament I had played 35 games for coliseum and before that I had played last in June of 2012
DUC-San - Titan - Dutch Urban Crew English
Monday 10/02/2014, 21:12

That's like winning 10 battles and losing 8
18 matches is low for DT

PC half often sucks because DR sucks in DT but with Yayoi, Charlie and Nabrissa you've got some nice damage. However I would still use Carlo, Striker, Saki, Robb Cr or Fuzz, Rowdy, Qubik, Gil/Flanagan over it

Uranus and Sigma to Ngrath and Lear Barduh. Need more damage and less DR/poison

Or just use mono sents like 80% of the people
lightball20 - Imperator English
Monday 10/02/2014, 21:32

I will think about it. But for me I liked how the deck did. I got 23 place and its not like doing any better will assure me of a CR since they are randomly given out. And until we get back to 5k people playing the clintz earnings isn't enough to make me want to try to get top 5,4,3,2,1. I mean really 700+ points needed to get first in the big tournaments and you get a whopping 2,600 clintz if your Lucky in first place. Even the tournament I was in first was 1,800 second was 800 clintz. Just not worth playing a deck I am not as confident I will be able to win as easily.

Also when I played I literally only saw Sents used in extended by level 20ish players who still had some of the no ability cards from the starter deck.

Though thank you for commenting on my deck rather than simply misspelling words and complaining about me getting a better score than you did in the past week like what (Tiny-Glitch) did.
(Tiny-Glitch) - Legend - E X C A L I B U R English
Tuesday 11/02/2014, 21:16

So whats the point ? why are you playing dt? to slow down your opponents? just because you want to win fights? i suggest you to play survivor. and that deck above is one of the worst dt deck i ever saw.

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