offline auineedabandaid Senior night school
Wednesday 19/02/2014, 04:59

I have some cards and some clintz and im looking for some help crafting a mixed deck
i have
miss lulabee

and 5.3k clintz

offline Mr_dizZY Colossus  
Wednesday 19/02/2014, 09:35

So i think u want to make a cheap Deck?!
Then Dave and Eugene r a great Start. Perfect Addition is Noland. Cheap and strong Char.
Montana is a lil Bit difficult.
Spiaghi should be in and Deck. Walker and Sharon r good Chars, too. Good power and damage and Waller is a great Bluff Card. Sharon has great damage for a 3*. The 4* Montana should be Desmond. One of my fav Montana (maybe the best 4* Montana, only Edd Cr is comperition for him).
Now we Need another 4* Ulu...Shayna is ok how she is.

offline ) Yellow TiNT Guru TRiNiTY
Wednesday 19/02/2014, 20:33

Montana functions best in mono decks and their bonus required you to pill, defeating the purpose of siding them with power manipulators

you should probably focus on collecting Ulu Watu

if you really need attack manipulation then try the following over montana

Sakrohm, the life of manipulation synchronize is well with

offline ) Yellow TiNT Guru TRiNiTY
Wednesday 19/02/2014, 20:37

Ulu watu

junkz, their pillz manipulation enhances your high pillz battles

uppers, their heavy damage compensates your low damage cards

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