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Monday 10/03/2014, 14:20

Hello everyone,

Right now I’m checking elements for the next ban and unbans session for the ELO format. I have trouble with the bans. After looking at the list of cards banned by you each week and the different tops 50 of cards most played in the format, what emerges is that the list of clans played is actually varied. I give you below the list of the clans most played in the format :

Fang Pi Clang
All Stars
and a little of Vortex, Montana, Sentinel, Ulu Watu and La Junta

As you can see a lot of clans are currently used in the format. Now the question is to know if bans from the staff are necessary for this session. As I can see it, you can manage the cards which give you the most trouble with the votes (well, Kerozinn Cr still remains a mystery for us).

I invite you to give here your opinion trying to put aside your preferences (I know everyone want to defend what he plays) and set some arguments. Is there some overpowered cards right now that should be banned?

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offline Icarus Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 14:59

Thats why chiara or falk must go.even sasha

offline wghheghfuehui Novice  
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 15:58

Noooooooo........ i need them in my decksmiley

offline troll4663 Master  
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 17:03

"The REAL strength in cats lie in their very strong low star cards. I guarantee you that if Lucy AND Clover Noel/Clover are banned you will see them less often. And if Diana is banned, there will be no good enough 4* cards in cats that are allowed in ELO. If Yayoi do come back and Diana is around, I will probably take Yayoi over Diana because Diana's main weakness is SOA which is very common in ELO."
Lucy ban? *gasp* well, that really IS the point of using them in ELO. People are still going to use Clover Noel if Clover is banned. If they are to ban Lucy, a 6/1 SOB 2* would be nice.

offline troll4663 Master  
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 17:10

Sorry for double posting. If UR ends up banning Lucy, then people are just going to go back to Wanda and Brittany, both very reliable 2*. If we ban Clover, people are going to go to Noemi, Clover Noel, and Cherry (and possibly Jayzel and Samia). If we are THAT set on nerfing them, Lucy and Clover AND Clover Noel would be the best route.

offline DUC-San Titan  
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 17:15

Yes of course people will use other cards when one is banned. When you ban Oshitsune, people will use Glorg. When you ban Lucy, people will use Nabrissa and Lorea/Brittany, but Lorea/Brittany is not so scary as Lucy

offline troll4663 Master  
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 17:20

Ew I wouldn' t use Lorea. Her courage is very unreliable. I prefer wanda or brittany.

offline DUC-San Titan  
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 17:50

It was an example
But the same happens when you ban Sledg. People will use Reeve. Reeve is playable, but not as good as Sledg

Pussycats: Banning one of their 2* would be good. But people would still use Diana, Clover, Clover Noel and Nabrissa/Lucy half. Maybe Lucy + Clover isn't a terrible idea. But I prefer only Lucy or Nabrissa

Rescue: I have seen a lot more Rescue when Campbell was allowed than when he was banned. I think he + Sledg are the main cards for Rescue and the amazing 2* (Sue, Dr Norton, Krash, Steve) makes Rescue so great. Banning Campbell would not kill Rescue, but just make them a bit worse in mono

offline Saga_HoA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 18:15

I'll translate what he posted today. Just give me 20 minutes

offline Schnitzel_TpU Titan E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 18:21

We already got it translated with googlesmiley

offline Saga_HoA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 18:36

I'm sorry admin if there are any minor errors smiley

Like AC Ricochet said we have arrive at a kind of balanced ELO even if there will always be some cards or clans that makes your skin crawl (like we can see in the comments here and on the English forum, every player has its nemesis
It is then very complicated to touch the cards this time astonishly more difficult than last time.
From all of the comments that I have read 2 card names have been repeated plenty of times “Graven and Clover.” We can then safely say that they are unanimously the 2 targets. Then the clan name that comes back the post is Rescue, I equally think that we can choose one of their cards to be banned.
We will not go any further this time however I keep leah barduh and jautya for the next weeks.
I have not forgotten the other cards mentioned. There exists plenty of little modifications that we can do but they could affect the meta too much. So for this time we will concentrate on these cards leaving saki and other cards mentioned for next time

Graven: The question is to know if its Graven that must go or one of the pillars of the half-Berzerk (that may be Elvis or melanie

Clover: Same questions but in terms of defensive cards I prefer to leave lucy in elo. Clover noel remains

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