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Monday 10/03/2014, 14:20

Hello everyone,

Right now I’m checking elements for the next ban and unbans session for the ELO format. I have trouble with the bans. After looking at the list of cards banned by you each week and the different tops 50 of cards most played in the format, what emerges is that the list of clans played is actually varied. I give you below the list of the clans most played in the format :

Fang Pi Clang
All Stars
and a little of Vortex, Montana, Sentinel, Ulu Watu and La Junta

As you can see a lot of clans are currently used in the format. Now the question is to know if bans from the staff are necessary for this session. As I can see it, you can manage the cards which give you the most trouble with the votes (well, Kerozinn Cr still remains a mystery for us).

I invite you to give here your opinion trying to put aside your preferences (I know everyone want to defend what he plays) and set some arguments. Is there some overpowered cards right now that should be banned?

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offline Saga_HoA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 18:37

The rescue: Plenty of options are possible but it will be to hit fairly. Will we sanction the low starred cards that leave more space for big starred cards? So more sue or dr Norton? Or hit straight to sledg or Campbell (even if I want to avoid to ban Campbell)? The 2

For the returns we will orientate ourselves to the clans absent in elo by making the smallest amount of modifications possible. For this time this includes the montana (much less present in elo at the moment) sentinels and uppers.
For the uppers herman should be the best option to unban. After we must see if we will trade it against another card like oxen for example (but that doesn’t seem necessary)

For the sentinels we could keep cody banned and return Sammy to elo. Will this combination with Martha make this thing unsupportable at this point

For the montana, mona could return but this will happen by banning moses or Oscar or both to reorientate the montanas to the half montana

Concerning the other questions that appears: authorising only one 5* per elo deck is in idea far from being uninteresting. This however will create a massive change to the mode. I agree with the advantages, reduces the presence of cards at very high stars in this mode, probably A refreshing modification to deckbuilding. After this equally creates other concerns, a format more complicated for starts, a limitation of possibilities of deckbuilding, whatever we say having 2 5 star cards in your deck still remains an option of

offline Saga_HoA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 18:37

We think that we can however discuss this next time we will lean towards that question.

offline Espectroscuro Colossus Le p0tager
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 18:44

Well, I was doing a translation smiley

Anyway, the translation is ok (I'm not perfect anyway)

I’ll be responding more tomorrow and closing the thread to make the final list I will propose next week.

offline -Dxxx- Senior  
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 19:18

Sounds nice smiley

offline Saga_HoA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 19:39

I feel with sammy that he should be unbanned but in return martha is banned. Then we will see less mono sentinel. Sammy can still be used in a half deck smiley

offline Sicba Titan Open Casket
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 19:50

Once again, I would much more prefer if you leave Graven and take Elvis. You know he brought Berzerks in ELO, you know he will take them out if you take him out.

Banning Clover is justified, imo.

Rescue, it was said few times, Campbell is maybe their only really playable 4* (and no, I didnt forget they have Kerry) Take out Sledg or a 2* if you really need to.

I like bringing back Mona and taking some supp cards from Montana. Said it few times.

As for Herman return, I would have it much more if you give Zatman, Uppers need 3*, they have plenty of 5* and have Nellie.

Now, you said you would much more prefer to bring cards rather to ban them. I hope these 3 cards arent the only ones that come back, if nothing they were here till last ELO rotation, or the one before that. So youre just going backwards. Whats with the older cards that players AND staff said they arent so OP anymore ans could see the life of ELO again. Caelus Cr, Smokey Cr, Ghumbo...
Please dont say you will leave changes for the next time, youre changing something now, do it right then.

offline MVM_97 Hero △ L’Oassis △
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 19:59

I would ban Saki, Clover, Lear Barduh and Ongh; and unban Lou and XU52

offline Guts Imperator Time Conquers All
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 20:40

"Concerning the other questions that appears: authorising only one 5* per elo deck is in idea far from being uninteresting"
while I wrote just a few hours ago"..The reason I suggested that the Hemdall gets banned was to avoid the use of 2 5* card decks,since after it's been supported by a lot of users,to allow the use of only one 5* card maximum, it wouldn't surprise me if nothing happened in that mattersmiley " haha you never seem to disappoint my expectationssmiley
Bad call,rescue got so many characters now yet you refuse to ban more than one charactersmiley Funny thing is when rescue were a lot less in terms of characters kerry and sledg were both perma-banned. Now they are multiple their number in the past but they are both backsmiley go figure reallysmiley
Verdict: It is as if nothing is changedsmiley so many players having good suggestions but they went all for naughtsmiley

offline Espectroscuro Colossus Le p0tager
Thursday 13/03/2014, 15:04


Thank you all for responding to the thread.
I started doing the temporary list that I will publish next monday, we can still talk then.

We have :

Graven and Clover as candidates. I would have prefer to check more Elvis, but for now both forums are fighting against Graven. Anyway, we'll see the evolution of the Berzerk in the next weeks. If they are too weakened, next time we'll probably bring Graven back and exchange him with someone else.

The Rescue : we will focus on Sledg and Dr Norton for now, letting the 4* pool of cards free.

The unbans :

Montana : Mona will come back in exchange of Oscar and Moses, we'll see how the Montana come back to ELO like this.

For the Sentinel : It has been a discussion about bringing back Sammy or Coby. It's still not settled, so we'll discuss it next week.

The Uppers : I forgot for a moment about it, but next time a 5* Uppers will be published so Herman will stay where he is for now.

So we have to talk about the Sentinel.

I was responding to a french player : I would like to make more old cards come back, but a lot of them have left a lot of scars years ago. It's hard to talk again about them without creating a bang of "no".
In the next session for ban and unban in ELO, the new clan will be in the game, I think that we will bring back old banned cards who have a lot of counters in the format, one by one.

If you have more thoughts or other cards you want absolutly to defend in the format, prepare your argumentfor the next week when I'll publish the temporary list of ELO bans and unbans.

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