offline wghheghfuehui Novice  
Tuesday 11/03/2014, 01:27

For this we need atleast 6 players and a maximum of 8 players
the characters are

1) criminal mastermind - if he and another player vote the same player the player automatically dies
2) serial killer - can cast 2 votes (only once)
3)1 or2 normal killers they can only vote for a person to kill

1) Don - can steal the ability of whoever he chose to kill in the morning phase for the night phase if the person is killed if not he gets to vote twice in the night phase
2) Angelo - he can can get to know the real identity of one random person he chooses to
3) vickie - her vote directly kills one person in the night phase
4) ( if there are more than 6 players ) suicider - he can kill themselves to to protect any random player from dying (optional) otherwise he has no ability

To register just post in here

how to play -
1) you have to convince other players you are not worth killing
2) you have to vote for 1 person to kill ( send it to me by pm)
3) if you have an ability you can tell me who to use it on

you have 2 days to register

prizes -the last man standing will have to choose from numbers 1-6 they all have prizes but some are better than the other....the prize will be shared amongst the whole team

The day and night phases will last for 2 days each.......1 day to convince eachother and one day to vote

there will also be one more phase ...... midday ....... here you will have another minigame in which one player dies

so last man standing wins the game for his/her

offline troll4663 Master  
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 02:57

Im out what a cluttered game

offline Sasukemystery Guru Harbingers of Ares
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 03:53

I do 1...

offline wghheghfuehui Novice  
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 08:37

You have to vote smiley this is just for the midday thingy at the time as the morning phase because people were saying it was taking to much time you still have to vote

offline wghheghfuehui Novice  
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 08:39

Well to make it clear

1) day phase and midday phase - in this you have to vote as well as do that number thing
2) night phase - only votingsmiley

offline wghheghfuehui Novice  
Wednesday 12/03/2014, 08:56

Well since people think its stupid ill close thissmiley

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