Saturday 05/04/2014, 16:08

Hi, I'm building Half deck Freaks+ powr manip/ attk manip/ pillz manip. I've tried using Freaks with Vortex. But in order for Vortex's bonus to work, I need to be defeated which, is a hole to me. So i've been thinking to use Freaks witn clans like Montana/ Uppers/ Sakhrom (Attk manip) or All Stars (Power manip) and Piranhas (pillz manip). Can someone offer me a good deck to build? My Freaks ELO are: Shazam, Madelone which will be replaced with Bogdan, Wonald, Quasichoco 11*

Saturday 05/04/2014, 16:21

Freaks with Junkzsmiley

Saturday 05/04/2014, 16:33

All Stars with Freaks sounds great:
Bogdan, Liona, Shazam, Bertha
Marina, Saki, Mulligan, Nathan
Or Nathan to Jessie and Shazam to Quasichoco

However, Bogdan + Saki + Marina are never unbanned at the same time

El Gascaro, El Matador, Magistrado Ld, Derby Queen
Bogdan, Liona, Shazam, Bertha

If you want a deck without Bogdan:
Hindelga, Liona, Bertha, Shazam
Qubik, Tremorh, Romana / D4 Funk, Flanagan
Hindelga, Quasichoco, Bertha, Shazam
Jautya, Petra, Murray, Oxo

If you want a noob deck:
Hindelga, Baldovino/Splata Cr, Bertha, Shazam
Ongh, Jean, Pegh, Mindy

Saturday 05/04/2014, 16:45

I don't hv experience playing Junkz. Can u recommend some of good cards to be played with Freaks? I've checked some of their good cards. And most of them is 5*.. smiley
Don't u think Montana helps more? Because I'm going to use a large amount of pillz on one Freaks to get the poison working. So a huge attk reducer is essential for low pillz battle.

Saturday 05/04/2014, 16:58

I recommended Junkz cause they are much better than other attack manip clans atm

try this : ( not tested )
Veenyle Cr

Saturday 05/04/2014, 17:00

No, because aside for a small handful of cards you have to pill Montanas to get anything out of their high minimum bonus.

Saturday 05/04/2014, 17:01

DUC -San smileysmiley
Seems like All Stars have good DR and PR at same time. Hmm, maybe there is another good replacement for Saki and Marina on their banned week? I won't change Shazam because he would be my asset to poison my foe. And using El Gascaro at second round after poison, would force opponent to pillz or eat that 6 dmg (less for DR).

Saturday 05/04/2014, 17:05

Bogdan, Liona, Shazam Bertha
Edd Cr, Desmond, Mona, Spiaghi
But I think Mona and Bogdan are both banned next week.

Also Montana need an extra pill for the bonus so I think the Uppers are better. However, Uppers don't really have good defensive cards (maybe Lady, but she is a 5*)

Huracan also have the big attack manip. for the first few rounds and the deck I recommended in post 3 works good defensive and offensive

Junkz also don't have many good defensive cards. Romana is -1 damage and Tremorh and D4 Funk both can force the opponent to pill a lot because they don't want the -2 pillz or 6 life gap.

Hindelga, Bogdan, Shazam, Bertha
Qubik, Tremorh, Romana, Flanagan
Bogdan, Liona, Shazam, Bertha
Qubik, Tremorh, Romana, D4 Funk
or (w/o Bogdan)
Hindelga, Liona, Shazam, Bertha
Qubik, Tremorh, Romana, Flanagan
Hindelga, Quasichoco, Shazam Bertha
Qubik, Tremorh, Romana, D4 Funk

Saturday 05/04/2014, 17:09


Are there any possibilities/replacement for Veenyle Cr? Your and DUC-San recommendation is good. Having 2 SoA and SoB at the same deck. Can be used to counter Piranas pillz manip.

Saturday 05/04/2014, 17:16

Veenyle works fine but if you don't like her then change her to Romana or D4 Funk and Quasichoco to Bertha


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