offline cofferide Master  
Saturday 05/04/2014, 16:08

Hi, I'm building Half deck Freaks+ powr manip/ attk manip/ pillz manip. I've tried using Freaks with Vortex. But in order for Vortex's bonus to work, I need to be defeated which, is a hole to me. So i've been thinking to use Freaks witn clans like Montana/ Uppers/ Sakhrom (Attk manip) or All Stars (Power manip) and Piranhas (pillz manip). Can someone offer me a good deck to build? My freaks ELO are: Shazam, Madelone which will be replaced with Bogdan, Wonald, Quasichoco 11*

offline cofferide Master  
Wednesday 09/04/2014, 15:24

I still hv 1* left. Would it be ok if I replace Liona with Eve. Or Romana replace with Fizzle. And isn't Esmeralda better than Bertha? See:
Bertha 1 Pillz = 8 , Esmeralda 1 Pillz = 6+10=16
Bertha 2 Pillz = 16, Esmeralda 2 Pillz = 12+10=22
Bertha 3 Pillz = 24, Esmeralda 3 Pillz= 18+10=28

offline INUASHA- Titan THE_POWER
Wednesday 09/04/2014, 15:58

Between Bertha and Esmeralda i think that's a personal choice and your must see if your deck needs more a solid card or an attack manip.
You already have Flanagan that combines solid + attack namip, thing that both those card have alone. Romana is really good for elo, i would try not to replace her and i agree that D4 Funk would also be great with the freaks, poison + life gain is always a good plan. Some suggested that you don't include Wonald but as i said, you already have Flanagan and Shazam doing both Esmeralda and Bertha role in the deck.

So it's up to you to choose between Bertha, Esmeralda and Wonald that are all great cards.

offline INUASHA- Titan THE_POWER
Wednesday 09/04/2014, 16:03

Nvm about Flanagan, so you still have Shazam that's solid for 2*. I would go with Esmeralda then.

offline zZRICKJAMESZz Imperator  
Sunday 04/05/2014, 00:15

I need a elo deck for 100k any suggestions?

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