offline ) Yellow TiNT Guru TRiNiTY
Monday 07/04/2014, 15:42

T1 has returned and the revival of low star decks is sure to follow. To begin the celebration, I invite you all to share your T1 decks.

Here's one of my ideas.

offline M3GA BOSS Hero Penumbra
Sunday 27/04/2014, 08:52

Starting winning tokens
plz rate it

offline Kee_Wee Master  
Monday 28/04/2014, 17:47

Id_New World Order (20*DT)

offline TheOPG Titan Casual Grind
Saturday 17/05/2014, 16:05

Frozn + Vortex = Fun

offline - Gino - Senior  
Tuesday 20/05/2014, 01:28

First time playing DT since maybe 2011 and i got 36th place and thats with me disconnecting twice due to my phone..but here it is

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