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What are Tokenz?...

What are Tokenz?...
Wednesday 09/04, 14:29
Mac_Leod - Admin English

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What are Tokenz?...
Mac_Leod - Admin - Dark AllianceEnglish - Wednesday 09/04, 14:32

Tokenz will give you access to Collectors via the Tokenz wheel.
For the time being you will only be able to win Tokenz in the DTs.
Tokenz can be divided into 3 categories: bronze, silver and gold.
Each category will give you access to a certain number of prizes on the wheel.

Other prizes available on the wheel:
- Common/unusual/rare cards.
- Battle Points
- Clintz
- Free spin
- Xp per character

To try your luck on the wheel, there are 2 betting options:
- 1 Tokenz = a chance to win either 1 Collector or many other prizes.
- 100 Tokenz = 1 guaranteed Cr from among those available in the category selected (bronze, silver or gold).

How Tokenz will be awarded in the DTs:
- 1st: 6 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze
- 2nd: 5 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze
- 3rd: 4 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze
- 4th: 3 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze
- 5th: 2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze
- 6th to 10th: 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze
- 11 to 25: 2 silver, 1 bronze
- 26 to 50: 1 silver, 1 bronze
- 51 to 100: 2 bronze
- 101 to 150: 1 bronze

Happy gaming to you all!

edited by Mac_Leod Wednesday 09/04, 13:32
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0_Brian - Legend - Harbingers of Ares English
Wednesday 06/08, 03:50

@demerzel. casual players should not be able to win a General Cr or a big 5 just like that. pro players/good players should only deserve to win the crs. getting a top 10 to win 1 gold token is doable through practise and a good deck. giving a gold token to players than get 11th-25th and on top of that reduce the amount of gold tokens for the dt winners and dt players that take great effort to get a good place is ridiculous. Now average players are just expecting to be spoon fed big 5 without actually trying really hard. Imagine you have a good deck and you still aren't reaching top 10 guess what you can do? practise of course. in your first dts you shouldn't expect to win a dt or get gold tokens. dt top 10s come after a considerable amount of practise in the mode,skill and speed.

ShoneOK - Senior - Organized Konfusion Português
Wednesday 06/08, 21:24

I spent a total of 7 gold tokens +/- and didn't get a Marly... stop crushing my dreams and give me free stuff with minimum amount of effort, UR :'(

Screw it, just give me free stuff for complaining. That works too.
{Titan} - Titan - URBAN MADNESS English
Wednesday 06/08, 22:18

I know from experience. if u practice enough dts u will get to know the deck and what to do. I used to not be able to get top 50 but now every time i do it i get top 25. in some dts i would get top or even top 5 with the number of points. a while ago i couldn't get near 300 points whereas now i get over 360 points every time.
50centfreak - Veteran Deutsch
Friday 19/09, 17:03

What is dts?
Fun OK 6 9 - Imperator - OnE MaLaysia English
Saturday 20/09, 01:51

Daily Tournaments
- III End - Imperator - E X C A L I B U R English
Sunday 21/09, 18:57

Godly update

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