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Cr probability in wheel of fortune

Cr probability in wheel of fortune
Friday 11/04, 16:55
Kyuzo Blade-- - Titan English

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Cr probability in wheel of fortune
Kyuzo Blade-- - Titan - TrAitorzZzEnglish - Friday 11/04, 16:55


I am sure a lot of people are wondering what the odds of getting a Cr card in the wheel of fortune are. It is quite likely they are less than 1/100, since otherwise the 100 tokens for a guaranteed Cr card would be pointless. How about players that had spent gold tokens posting how many the spent and how many Crs they got? If enough people post then we may be able to estimate a probability. I would keep it just for gold tokens, that way calculations ought to be easier and more reliable. I haven't won any gold tokens yet btw, but if anyone wants to share his/her experience that could be helpful for everybody. Good luck all!
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HarleyxQuinn - Hero - Harbingers of Ares English
Thursday 12/06, 10:26

Bronze tokens for bronze cards silver for silver gold for gold
ManOfLuckHOA - Hero - Harbingers of Ares English
Thursday 12/06, 14:39

@post 60
The number of tokenz given everyday is different because the missions for Dr Van Wesel Ld give tokenz
- Elkas - Legend - War Party English
Sunday 22/06, 21:00

63 Silvers:15k clintz,Gill,Ghumbo Andsom,Valter Bianco,Sakura Hendz,sh*t load of BP and tikets that of course I need (sarcasm ofc)

Thank F*ck for the Gill and Ghumbo at least without them, right now I would be really mad.
joseph_27 - Imperator - DL's Knights English
Monday 23/06, 01:37

Well even if i did not get a cr. YET, i still have pretty good amount of cards i got.
Bronze: None at the moment, i'm saving them

Silver: Gil, Magnar, Gabrielle, Belly Buster, Sai San, Ditha, Miss Jessie, Sheitane, Toro, Damian, Naliah, Nympheea, Ganx, Nobodroid, Kazayan, Avola, Benicio, Onik, Glorg, Houtay, Mahimatah, B Bazooka, and Crassus

Gold: Pandagran, C Beast, Lucia, Tsubame, Heitachi and Bryan, Stalfhaust, La Cobra, and Lucy
412rayray - Titan - D-Versified English
Monday 23/06, 13:08

So basically. Use the Gold as u get them, Sulver at ur discretion n Bronze at 100? Or Sulver at 100?
HipHoppa - Titan - Hip Hop Messiahz English
Monday 23/06, 17:48

I say Silver and Gold as you get them, Bronze at 100.

Also, 1 gold: 30 tickets. YESSSSSSSSSSS!
- Elkas - Legend - War Party English
Saturday 28/06, 17:57

21: bronze tokenz: like 3k clintz and xp and tickets
23 silver tokenz:Irene,Maamoon,Saki Haze Jayzel,xp,some clintz and some tickets.....
Big_Perms - Titan - Harbingers of Ares English
Friday 12/09, 07:32

Looks like we should save toward 100
I am Titan - Titan - Clintz Bank English
Friday 12/09, 08:06

15 bronze. battle points, tickets some clintz and Emeth Cr
TheOPG - Imperator - Casual Grind English
Friday 12/09, 17:28

From 11 bronze: 2650 battle points, 1100 clintz, and 15 tickets. What I really don't like is the sheer disparity between wheel slots. One slot on the wheel gives you 500 bp and the other gives you 150; one clintz spot gives you 1k and the other gives you 100. Whoever designed this must have been frunk off their ass to think this was a good idea.

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