offline NavyShad Master  
Tuesday 15/04/2014, 19:13

I was running with junta but they been losing... A lot I need help trying to figure out what cards/clans are the best at this moment in time... took a 6 month vacation so my knowledge isn't what it use to be

offline ) Yellow TiNT Guru TRiNiTY
Tuesday 15/04/2014, 19:43

La Junta is good when SoB isn't popular because they rely on their bonus; otherwise, they have pitiful damage totals.

I collect from the following clans for elo (besides la junta)

GHEIST (Mono with Wardom)
Nightmare (Split with Hurican or Pussycats)
Roots (Split with Junkz)
Junkz (Mono or split with Roots)
La Junta (Mono so long as SoB isn't popular)
Hurican (Split with Nightmare)
Jungo (Mono, but only if Rolph is banned and Ongh is playable)
Pussycats (Split with Nightmare)

Splash Cards (I rarely splash in elo, but I use these as needed):
Chiara Cr

offline NavyShad Master  
Tuesday 15/04/2014, 19:50

Thank you yellow smiley

offline NextLvLStr4ts Imperator  
Tuesday 15/04/2014, 21:44

A.lot of good players run freaks
If you do use shazan so you can poison nightmare
Can split with most clans

offline troll4663 Master  
Tuesday 15/04/2014, 23:34

Baloney. Junta are great. Plizken/Raven, Isatis, Chiro(if you picked Pliz)/Curtiss(if you picked Raven)/Brianna(raven)/Arnie (either), Davis (Pliz, didn't pick Chiro) Iguana Samson(if you didn't pick Curtiss/Brianna), Wyre, Thormund, Sabia, Scooty/Tolliver (preference)

Pussycats are a great half, or good mono, however you would have to splash 1-2 cards such as Jean (mainly), and Eebiza.

offline DUC-San Titan  
Wednesday 16/04/2014, 09:47

I'd play mono junta with

Pilzken (elo) or Raven (sv elo)
Isatis, Bryan and Brianna (elo) or Arnie (sv elo)
No 3*
Sabia, Thormund, Scooty and Dean/Tolliver


Pilzken / Raven
Isatis (Brianna/Bryan/Arnie when banned) and Brianna/Arnie/Bryan
Milena and Trish (or Wyre if you didn't choose Bryan, or both Bryan and Wyre)
Sabia, Scooty, Thormund/Tolliver

offline wats_happenin Colossus Casual Grind
Wednesday 16/04/2014, 14:51

La Junta is a very good mono deck. Threatening with alot of bluff potential and massive scary powerhouses
Raven vs Pilzken...PIlzken is my preference as he provides control> Insane damage potential
Isatis is a staple and banned now and then
Brianna is alot more stable than any other 4* La junta and IMO is the 2nd best 4* in the clan after Isatis
Bryan/Arnie are both useable but each is slightly underwhelming in comparison
Wyre/Milena/jane ramba/Trish....the 3* pool is quite good in this. Wyre brings the needed SOA, and Milena/Jane Ramba bring additional DR

Scooty/Sabia/Thormund are your best 2* and are all staples.

offline Six Nations Titan Open Casket
Wednesday 16/04/2014, 18:57

Junta are ridiculously powerful now

offline cofferide Master  
Wednesday 16/04/2014, 20:19

Yeah, a lot of ppl use Freaks and that's why many of them is on the voting list. even Shazam and Splatta CR, lol smiley

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