offline Soiuku Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Friday 18/04/2014, 01:31

I went for a cheap cost and efficient deck here.
The Heals and Raw Damage let you easily keep pace while SOA and SOB help cover the nasty's.
You have a Pseudo Dr with Willow and solid stats for the most part.

As for Crunchy, I'm surprised at his effectiveness; he's good.
Up to 4 Pills against 7 Power Cards he will usually Tie (And win thanks to 2* status )
7 x 4 = 28. 28 - 12 = 16. 4 x 4 = 16
Great surprise to find this out ! smiley

offline Saga_HoA Titan Harbingers of Ares
Friday 18/04/2014, 02:34

Crunchy - artus and then willow to treeman

offline Soiuku Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Friday 18/04/2014, 02:54

How would Crunch to Artus help? I already eliminated the need for DR's with Willow and Gretchen.
Treeman is useful only in 1 or 2 hands at best, and I'm seeing a LOT of Roots in 1200 and 1300 ELO .

offline troll4663 Master  
Friday 18/04/2014, 07:08

Willow is a GREAT card. keep her. Crunchy, while very underrated could be changed, due to half of your deck being 6 power and under. Maybe to Sheitane, Hel, or Seth? Gretchen could be changed to Brody/Amanie. That's all, great deck!

offline troll4663 Master  
Friday 18/04/2014, 07:21

Oh or Burdock over Gretchen to stop hos.

offline Soiuku Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Friday 18/04/2014, 15:42

Hel is still 6 Power smiley
Besides; The low power cards are all power manips, with SOB to back them up smiley
Crunchy has Attack Manip to bolster him might I add smiley
Seth is really mediocre. He can on occasion help you win but his ability does nothing to help usually.

offline DUC-San Titan  
Friday 18/04/2014, 15:54

I'd change a few things but for only 15k it looks like a nice deck
Tuck + Rico + Yookie + Flora = cheap, but one of the best Roots half decks in ELO. It will only cost you 1k more

Oshitsune is good but I think he is banned next week. Glorg is a replacement. Crunchy and Mawpin are ok cards, but I think Phyllis and Artus are more useful.
I don't like Magenta, but she is the best 4* Nightmare for 2k or cheaper. Maybe change her to Edwin and one of your 2* to Cutey/Crowen/Pan

Oshitsune/Glorg, Edwin, Pan, Cutey/Crowen (or Oshitsune, Glorg, Edwin, Artus/Phyllis)
Tuck, Yookie, Rico, Flora
Costs 5k more than your current deck but I think it's much more useful

offline Soiuku Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Friday 18/04/2014, 18:20

I agree with almost everything you say DUC-San but I have one slight issue.
Magenta is the card in Nightmare who I've frequently clinched / won quite a few matches with.
Oshitsune gets banned all the time. Glorg is cool though. I often times try to use Betelgeuse to moderate sucess.
Eadh is actually ok for his price as well.

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