offline Drizzt1414 Hero TRiNiTY
Tuesday 29/04/2014, 18:09

I'm a Fang Pi player, moved to Berserk to try them out. I've tried some decks, got almost all cards of them (Cortex is way too expensive to get in a week). BUT...I don't feel comfortable with the attack of the cards, i feel like i lose too much rounds, sometimes by a pill. WIth Fang Pi i go for 2HKO, use Frozn and Skeelz too and don't have that problem, but Berserk isn't that intuitive for me.

Can u help me realize why my cards doesn't win decisive rounds?

offline noland63 Imperator 日本 C'est Bon Academy
Thursday 03/07/2014, 02:45

I'm not a real fan of kamekun due to his predictability, I usually throw in zhu tang when playing FPC

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