Saturday 03/05/2014, 17:46

If I stop playing today on 1213 ELO, will by the end of the week my scores till stay above 1200? And what is the reward for a score in excess of 1200 but less than 1300? Thanks

Saturday 03/05/2014, 17:52

"- If you Don’t play ELO for a few days your ELO value will slowly revert to 1,000."

"Wins and Prizes:

• 1 Collector card for 12 randomly chosen players from the ELO Tournament Top 100
• 1 Rare card for 50 randomly chosen players with more than 1,200 ELO points

• Credits the 1st wins 50 Credits
• The 2nd to 25th win 20 Credits
• Players beyond 25, over or equal to 1,300 ELO points win 10 Credits.
• Players beyond 25, over or equal to 1,200 ELO points and below 1,300 ELO points, win 5 Credits.
• Players beyond 25, over 1,000 ELO points and below 1,200 ELO points, win 2 Credits.

• The 1st wins 4% of the Clintz Jackpot.
• 2nd wins 2% of the Clintz Jackpot.
• 3rd placed wins 1% of the Clintz Jackpot.
• 4th to 10th placed wins 0.5% of the Clintz Jackpot.
• 11th to 25th placed wins 0.25% of the Clintz Jackpot.
• Players finishing over 25th and with more than 1,200 ELO points share out the remaining 86.25% of the Clintz Jackpot based on their ELO scores.
• Players finishing over 25th, with more than 1,000 ELO points and with at least 5 games played receive 150 Clintz, not taken from the Clintz jackpot."

faqs are cool you guys

Saturday 03/05/2014, 18:00

Oh sorry should have checked them first smiley do you know how many points I'll lose though?

Saturday 03/05/2014, 18:07

Well it's Saturday, so 0 to 1.

Saturday 03/05/2014, 18:14

Oh ok xD thank you both /thread

Saturday 03/05/2014, 20:19

You'll end up with 1211 ELO, that means 5 credits and around 750 clintz.


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