Tuesday 06/05/2014, 17:03

Super Series

an event with great prizes.... but first you will have earn the right to play it

this event will have 25 qualifiers where you can fight for a place in the main one
this event will not start for some time, as the qualifiers have to be made first
during the qualifying season it will serve as informer

Saturday 10/01/2015, 22:03

ss20 - treasure hunt

Sunday 15/02/2015, 18:40

ss21 - elo v2
ss22 - volleyball v2 still looking for players

edited by mihalll7_UM sunday 15/02/2015, 18:40

Monday 23/02/2015, 12:24

SS23 - olding v2 - two spots left and we will start
SS24 - bonusgame v2

edited by mihalll7_UM monday 23/02/2015, 12:24

Saturday 21/03/2015, 18:43

ss25 - juggernaut

edited by mihalll7_UM saturday 21/03/2015, 18:43

Monday 21/09/2015, 22:11

The series has finished, but here's some more events

Dual Duel
Do You Trust Us?
Rack Up Points


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